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The Rollerblade Twister 80 inline skates are one of the best sellers in RB, which offers both performance and comfort. Having a hard molded shell ensures stability helping skaters to learn the proper way of skating. It's a skate mainly used for urban and freestyle skating. The shell comes with vents for air flow with a specialized 5 star Fit liner and foot-bed to keep the feet dry. 



Twister X

Twister X

The Rollerblade Twister X skates, an upgraded version of the Twister 80 is packed for full performance and comfort. The molded shell design allows for a snug, responsive fit that is highly adjustable with two ratcheting buckles at the ankle and mid-strap. The specialized pro liner is made contoured to give optimal comfort and instant hell lock. The shock absorber in the heel helps ease those road vibration and a replaceable slider for more durability. 





Twister 80

Twister X


  • Specialized 5 star fit liners & footbeds



  • Specialized Pro liner
  • Dual Density foams for improved comfort and hell lock.




  •  Memory Lock Ratcheting Cuff Buckle
  •    45 Degree Micro Ratcheting Strap
  • Velcro Strap on Cuff
  • 45 Degree Buckle


  • One Sided 8mm RACE Axles
  • Hot Rod Aluminum Frames

Wheels and Bearings

  • Rollerblade Supreme 80mm 85A
  • TwinCam ILQ7 Bearings
  • Rollerblade Hydrogen 80mm 85A
  •    Twincam Classic PLUS ILQ9 Serviceable Bearings


NOTE: Listed above all differences between both skates, not all the specs of each skate are listed. 


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The answer to that is NO.  Its how you feel, so if you are in good health then put on some protective gear and start rolling. Besides wearing protective gears, there are three factors which makes a big difference for a beginner to skate better. Fitness, Balance and Confidence. Even without much fitness, those who have Rollerblade or ice- skate before may the transition of skating again easier. Those adding rollerblading to top off their active lifestyle may get rolling quickly and reduce their injuries in a fall.  

Although skating will seem frightening or difficult to anybody who never got a chance to develop the lifelong balance and coordination that comes not only from skating but years of biking, snow skiing, horseback riding, dance and many other physical activities. Taking one or more lessons is the best way to gain confidence and get a safe start. Fears ease once you've fallen on your gear under supervision and learned how to use the brake, turn away from the pull of gravity and make effective strides.


If just standing up on skates makes your heart pound and you break out in a sweat within five minutes, a private lesson is needed. When you are literally frozen in fear, your whole body is tensed and tight, and any movement feels scary and uncoordinated. The best chance for success is taking several short lessons over a short time span to keep up your learning momentum, or attending a multi-day skate camp.


A good instructor will progress you through the basic skills according to your ability to relax and perform them effectively with different levels of learning. Between lessons, you can practice the striding moves and braking stance on a thin carpet or a lawn at home, helping you to be able to balance before hitting those concrete floors.



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Are you really "saving cost" when you buy a pair of cheap inline-skate? One thing to note is that when you buy a cheap pair of skates, what you are cutting down is the skating experience. In all sports, one's deciding factor to continue is on their first experience. While you think you are "saving", there is actually more expenses that will incur in the long run. Having a pair of cheap skates means that more abrasions and blisters are likely to appear. This also means more unwanted pain and expenses when you have to be those bandages or a whole new skate altogether.

However that said, a good pair of skates does not mean getting a very expensive one. Sure getting a pair of good skates isn't really cheap. Contrary, a good pair of skate can enhance the skating experience,this means you'll learn to skate better and get more for your money. Since skating is a family sport, and most sports normally last more than two hours more session, comfort is definitely a number concern. 

Having a reliable pair of inline-skates means that your get good liners which provides that cushion in every turn and bump. Additionally, since they are all made from breathable materials, it allows your feet to breathe better eliminating those germs compared to a cheap skate. A good skate also provide that ankle support which could come in handy for beginners who are more prone to falling, this helps eliminate a injured ankle, much less a broken one. 

How much should a pair for good skates cost, kids skates ranges from $100 to $180 whereas adults ranges from $200-$300. Although it may seem costly at first, this pair of reliable skates will save a lot of cost. What makes skating fun is mostly dependent on the experience you get out of it. 




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Rollerblading require balance and strength as well as some judgment and the desire to avoid obstacles. Some small children don't have these skills yet although the minimum age to learn skating can be as young as 4 years of age. 

Some things to consider before skating is to consider your child's:

  •  ability to balance
  • physical strength and stamina
  • as well as hand and eye coordination

These are some pointers which can be corrected of the help of taking up skating classes which will teach these young ones how to skate effectively. Additionally, skating is also a family sport which can help go a long way in family bonding. Skating is also one activity that can develop balance, coordination, strength, and boost confidence in children of all ages.



When skating, safety is also very important. Helmets, safety pads and a good pair of skates can help elevate one's skating experience. Helmets must fit properly and always fasten chin straps snugly under your chin so the helmet doesn't move around. 

In addition to wearing a helmet, you'll want to wear knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards every time you skate. Knee and elbow pads should have a cushioned interior with a hard plastic shell to protect against scrapes.

Click HERE on how to measure to see what sizes fits you and your kids for a smooth ride.


Additionally skate camps are coming up as well, for a crash course on how to skate. 




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Skating Camps is always a good way to improve your skating strategy and performance in a short period. This also allows your child to learn a new skill and make full use of their energy during the school holidays.

At Skate camp, the instructors can have ample time to correct the skater's posture and safety including how to stop and go confidently. Most skate lesson restrains the learning experience for the student because so much can only be learnt in one session. However the skate camp provides students with enough time to correct and further improve themselves with the guide of their instructors. 



Additionally since skate camps normally cater to groups of young children, these young learners would adapt better to the instructors and learn in an environmentally-friendly environment as well as making new friends.





A five day inline skating course for beginners, covering all the essentials you'll need to find your skating feet.


Kids aged: 4 - 11 years old

The sessions last 1.5 hours each. Session slots are in the morning, afternoon and evening daily through out the entire skate camp.

Where Our Bukit Timah indoor skating rink and retail space. It's fully air-conditioned, keeping everyone comfy and fresh during lessons, rain or shine.



  • Lowest price in the market
  • 1 instructor to 5 students – each child gets a lot more attention compared to other schools
  • No need to commit to a long-term skate package
  • Experienced, young and energetic coaches to aid your child’s learning
  • Keep your child occupied with a fun activity during the Holidays
  • Kids will enjoy learning intensively in a group on how to move and stop on a pair of skates
  • Results guaranteed (otherwise we will redo the course, on a weekend at the same location until he/she learns to move and stop, absolutely free!)