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Evolving from its brethren the Bell Super 2R, Bell has launched a all new Bell super 3R. The Bell Super 3R had a few upgrades which includes a new retention shape consisting of a three point vertical adjustment as well as the standard horizontal band-style controlled by a twist dial. The new twist dial fits lower on the head, which alleviates the wobbliness from its predecessor the Bell super 2R. 


Additionally, the super 3R has now installed removable cheek pads making it more comfortable to fit wider ranges of face shapes and sizes. A bonus for users who experienced discomfort in the earlier model.  Compared to the super 2R, buckles and insertion points for the removable chin bar has been improved to sustain more vigorous action with tighter tolerances offering greater safety and longevity.

The best trail riding gear adapts to changing terrain. That’s the idea behind the Super 3R mountain bike helmet. It’s designed for the varying demands of all-mountain riding, which includes long, grinder climbs at low speeds and wide-open descents on rowdy trails. A removable chin bar makes the Super 3R uniquely suited to the all-mountain experience. Basically, you get two MTB helmets in one.

For long climbs, remove the chin bar and stow it in your pack. And when it’s time for more aggressive riding, you can quickly lock it on, no tools required. For the new Super 3R, we’ve added the new Float Fit system and dramatically improved the fit and comfort by revising the shape both inside and out. Other trail-specific features include our GoggleGuide Adjustable Visor, a breakaway camera mount and Overbrow Ventilation. Not to mention MIPS rotational impact system for added protection in certain impacts.


WEIGHT 365 grams
CPSC Bicycle
  • ErgoDial™
  • ICEdot Enabled
  • InMold Polycarbonate Shell
  • Lightweight Kit
  • Overbrow Ventilation™
  • Ratcheting Buckle
  • TAG™ Fit System



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    Giro Switchblade helmet is an ideal helmet for serious mountain bikers.

    The Switchblade™ MIPS also comes in assorted colours such as Black, Lime/Black, Vermilion/Purple and White/Grey.

    The Switchblade™ MIPS is our new ASTM downhill certified full face helmet with a removable chinbar. Everything about the Switchblade is optimized for the descent, and that’s why it’s certified to CPSC, EN-1078 and ASTM-1952-DH with and without the chinbar. The chinbar is easy to remove—just push the buttons under the chinbar, rotate up, and remove—and it’s just as easy to reinstall.

     The Switchblade MIPS features the new Roc Loc® Air DH fit system, which has a bumper around the dial to prevent accidental adjustments if your helmet contacts your backpack or neck brace—all while keeping you cool. When the chinbar comes off, Wind Tunnel cheek pad ventilation adds even more cooling power as you start to climb. Plus, the full-cut style gives this helmet an aggressive look and provides ASTM certified coverage even when the chinbar is removed. When your ride is all about descending, your helmet should be too, and the Switchblade MIPS is the only removable chinbar helmet that is truly built for the down.



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    The Highwaykick 1 is the ideal companion for children aged one to five.

    This  2in 1 scooter that comes in four different colours of Red, Blue, Lime and Pink.



    It also provides stability allowing little ones to have the opportunity to move safely and comfortably. Subsequently, it allows one to change their position of using to scooter at ease.




    The patented -safety pad- also offers kids an extra portion of protection. This prevents any tip over in a rough terrain where wheels tend to get stuck. It is a built in structure and can be extended when needed.



    AGE 1-5 years
    MAX RIDER WEIGHT 20Kg (Seat) 50Kg (Deck)
    SEAT HEIGHT 24/28cm
    STEM Adjustable 63-68cm
    WHEEL DIAMETER 120/80mm
    DECK SIZE L300mm x W110mm
    BEARINGS Precision






    Presenting a new scooter, the Highwaykick 3 is the ideal companion for children aged 3-8.

    Because of its stability this product gives the little ones the opportunity to move safely and comfortably.

    The patented -safety pad- offers extra security. It can be folded easily for easy and convenient storage.

    The handle bar is very strong to support a weight of up to 50kg.

    Additionally it comes with four exciting colours, Red, Lime, Blue and Pink which is both friendly to boy and girls alike.

    AGE  3-8
    WEIGHT 50 KG
    DECK SIZE L300 X W110MM




    Inokim Light and Inokim Quick 3

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    Inokim Light

    Following the successful launch of the Quick model comes the beautifully designed Inokim Light.

    Built with a compact 12kg streamline body and smaller 8.5" tires for practicality and style, the INOKIM light folds effortlessly for a quick carry.


    The light provides portability, yet the same feeling of comfort and ruggedness, as loved by riders of the Quick.

    The Light's cabling has been cleverly designed to be concealed within the body, giving it a sleek outlook.

    It is the ultimate personal vehicle for urban commuters who desire an alternative to walking that last mile.

      • Transmission 36V 8.5 inch Brushless Hub motor
        Battery LiIon 36V 8Ah/10.4 Ah
        Weight 12/13 kg
        Charge time 4 hrs for full charge
        Top Speed Configurable between 17 and 25 km/h
        Top Range 20/30 km
        Braking System Rear drum brakes
        Loading Capacity 100 kg
        Tires 8.5 inch pneumatic tires front and rear
        Accessories LCD Display, Bell

      Inokim Quick 3

      The INOKIM QUICK 3 (2017 Version) is the latest and greatest Electric Scooter to come from the MYWAY company.

      It is a personal, compact, light electric vehicle which allows you to travel anywhere within a 25-45km range (without breaking a sweat) on one battery charge.

      An improved version of its predecessor, the INOKIM quick 3 comes with  a more powerful motor that offers more responsive riding, better and brighter front and rear light for night riders and a better handle bar for less vibration.

      It is the last mile solution for all your commuting problems, bypass the endless traffic jams and crowds in Singapore, be it on the road or on the MRT.

      The INOKIM is also a perfect recreational device, enabling you to move freely whenever you want.


      Rollerblade Twister X - 2017

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      The highly anticipated Rollerblade's 2017 Twister X is more than a pretty statement and is definitely here to stay.


      Rollerblade Twister X Skates feature a stand out design that is sure to catch some attention. Not just a pretty face, these skates are also packed full of performance and comfort.

      The molded shell design makes for a snug, responsive fit that is highly adjustable thanks to two ratcheting buckles at the ankle and midstrap.

      The Specialized Pro liner is contoured to give optimal comfort and instant heel lock.

      Built for the streets, you'll find an integrated Shock absorber in the heel to help reduce road vibration and a replaceable slider for added durability.


      UPPER/SHELL Twister, Vented Molded
      Lateral Slider
      WHEELS Rollerblade Hydrogen 80mm/85A
      BEARINGS Twincam Classic ILQ 9

      Hot Rod 243mm Alu
      One Sided Racing axles

      LINER New Specialized 5 Star Fit
      Specialized footbed
      Shock Absorber

      Memory Lock Ratcheting Cuff Bukle
      45° Buckle
      Standard laces



      We have included four common mistakes of inline skaters, read on to know if you are on the right track. The worst thing that could happen is getting the wrong pair of skates or getting yourself hurt.

      1. Skating without any protection

      Many advanced skaters are confident in their skill set and expertise, everyone trusts their own experience but getting yourself geared up in protection will do you more good than harm, you might even thankful for it saving your life.

      We highly advise going with full protective gears that includes a helmet, wrist, knee and elbow guards.


      2. Wearing skates that don't fit

      Trying on a pair of skates before buying is always the way to go. If you can't get them in stores, try on a similar pair from the same brand and model range so you have a good idea of your size. Different brands and models differs in sizing and cut, so do be careful and do not assume your size is fixed or one size applies to all skates.


      3. Speeding and ignoring road rules

      Rules of the road should not be ignored. As much as urban and aggressive skating drives your adrenaline and keeps you going for more, speeding and being oblivious to traffic whether on the road or pavements will only make you a danger object to avoid. Plan your trail and do be considerate of other users and pedestrians. It is great to practise that killer move and slide on that handrail, but safety always comes first, both for others and yourself.


      4. Not knowing how to stop and forgetting to stop

      Yes, it's thrilling to go down hill, with that impressive swerve and rounding each curve but being unstoppable isn't gonna make you a shooting star. You might dream of burning wheels so turn they into fire but everyone would be thankful if you knew how to use that brake of yours. We are not doubting you and we are sure you know every way to make yourself stop, we just could not emphasis more that it is crucial to brake before it escalates into something that is actually preventable.

      So there you have it, four common mistakes of inline skaters, don't be the one who faults them! Always practise safety and grind that dirt so Stephane Alfano would be proud of you or at least nod tastefully.

      Get Rollerblade Twister X, $499(U.P $639) online or in stores.