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Inokim Light and Inokim Quick 3

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Inokim Light

Following the successful launch of the Quick model comes the beautifully designed Inokim Light.

Built with a compact 12kg streamline body and smaller 8.5" tires for practicality and style, the INOKIM light folds effortlessly for a quick carry.


The light provides portability, yet the same feeling of comfort and ruggedness, as loved by riders of the Quick.

The Light's cabling has been cleverly designed to be concealed within the body, giving it a sleek outlook.

It is the ultimate personal vehicle for urban commuters who desire an alternative to walking that last mile.

    • Transmission 36V 8.5 inch Brushless Hub motor
      Battery LiIon 36V 8Ah/10.4 Ah
      Weight 12/13 kg
      Charge time 4 hrs for full charge
      Top Speed Configurable between 17 and 25 km/h
      Top Range 20/30 km
      Braking System Rear drum brakes
      Loading Capacity 100 kg
      Tires 8.5 inch pneumatic tires front and rear
      Accessories LCD Display, Bell

    Inokim Quick 3

    The INOKIM QUICK 3 (2017 Version) is the latest and greatest Electric Scooter to come from the MYWAY company.

    It is a personal, compact, light electric vehicle which allows you to travel anywhere within a 25-45km range (without breaking a sweat) on one battery charge.

    An improved version of its predecessor, the INOKIM quick 3 comes with  a more powerful motor that offers more responsive riding, better and brighter front and rear light for night riders and a better handle bar for less vibration.

    It is the last mile solution for all your commuting problems, bypass the endless traffic jams and crowds in Singapore, be it on the road or on the MRT.

    The INOKIM is also a perfect recreational device, enabling you to move freely whenever you want.


    Rollerblade Twister X - 2017

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    The highly anticipated Rollerblade's 2017 Twister X is more than a pretty statement and is definitely here to stay.


    Rollerblade Twister X Skates feature a stand out design that is sure to catch some attention. Not just a pretty face, these skates are also packed full of performance and comfort.

    The molded shell design makes for a snug, responsive fit that is highly adjustable thanks to two ratcheting buckles at the ankle and midstrap.

    The Specialized Pro liner is contoured to give optimal comfort and instant heel lock.

    Built for the streets, you'll find an integrated Shock absorber in the heel to help reduce road vibration and a replaceable slider for added durability.


    UPPER/SHELL Twister, Vented Molded
    Lateral Slider
    WHEELS Rollerblade Hydrogen 80mm/85A
    BEARINGS Twincam Classic ILQ 9

    Hot Rod 243mm Alu
    One Sided Racing axles

    LINER New Specialized 5 Star Fit
    Specialized footbed
    Shock Absorber

    Memory Lock Ratcheting Cuff Bukle
    45° Buckle
    Standard laces



    We have included four common mistakes of inline skaters, read on to know if you are on the right track. The worst thing that could happen is getting the wrong pair of skates or getting yourself hurt.

    1. Skating without any protection

    Many advanced skaters are confident in their skill set and expertise, everyone trusts their own experience but getting yourself geared up in protection will do you more good than harm, you might even thankful for it saving your life.

    We highly advise going with full protective gears that includes a helmet, wrist, knee and elbow guards.


    2. Wearing skates that don't fit

    Trying on a pair of skates before buying is always the way to go. If you can't get them in stores, try on a similar pair from the same brand and model range so you have a good idea of your size. Different brands and models differs in sizing and cut, so do be careful and do not assume your size is fixed or one size applies to all skates.


    3. Speeding and ignoring road rules

    Rules of the road should not be ignored. As much as urban and aggressive skating drives your adrenaline and keeps you going for more, speeding and being oblivious to traffic whether on the road or pavements will only make you a danger object to avoid. Plan your trail and do be considerate of other users and pedestrians. It is great to practise that killer move and slide on that handrail, but safety always comes first, both for others and yourself.


    4. Not knowing how to stop and forgetting to stop

    Yes, it's thrilling to go down hill, with that impressive swerve and rounding each curve but being unstoppable isn't gonna make you a shooting star. You might dream of burning wheels so turn they into fire but everyone would be thankful if you knew how to use that brake of yours. We are not doubting you and we are sure you know every way to make yourself stop, we just could not emphasis more that it is crucial to brake before it escalates into something that is actually preventable.

    So there you have it, four common mistakes of inline skaters, don't be the one who faults them! Always practise safety and grind that dirt so Stephane Alfano would be proud of you or at least nod tastefully.

    Get Rollerblade Twister X, $499(U.P $639) online or in stores.

    Sector 9 Skateboards - Buying Guide

    Posted by Christy Tan on


    About Sector 9

    Brand history: The story of the nineball starts in our La Jolla backyard in 1993. At the time our house consisted of a bunch of good friends, a halfpipe, pool table, ping pong table and shaping room all just across the street from some nice smooth hills down to the reefs. Being that the house had all these fine features, it became quite the hangout spot.

    The interest had been apparent from everyone who saw us skate by so we started making skateboards in our backyard. Lots of learning and a couple evictions later we were forced to move into our first warehouse in what would become the Sector 9 skateboard factory.


    What is good about Sector 9 skateboards?

    Popular among fervent cruisers with fondness for carving and speeding downhill. Sector 9 skateboard’s drop-through platform provides a free-riding experience that is seldom seen in the market. With low centre of gravity it provides great stability and is ideal for downhill rides, it is clear why it is a hit in the skater scene.

    Designed to enhance fuller range of movements, Sector 9’s longboard has the ability to perform slow speed tricks many other longboards do not allow due to lack of flexibility and lightness. This feature is found in the way its nose and tail kick is designed. It allows versatility and freestyle manoeuvres to be performed with a breeze. Covered in full grip tape seldom seen on many boards, riders can confidently cruise with this added safety feature especially when reaching higher speeds.

    Sector 9 covers a full range of skateboard types for all experience levels. Not sure which skateboard suits you best? Don’t worry we have you covered, read our simple buying guide to find the right skateboard whether you’re first starting out or getting it for someone who has been in the field.


    Buying Guide

        • Determine your experience level

        • Types of skating styles

        • How to choose the right skateboard deck

        • Choosing a style of skateboard deck


        + Experience Level

        Determining your level of experience will help indicate the types of skateboard that best suits your needs. As provided are generalized categorizations of ability and skills level:


        You are ready to start your skating journey with the basics but has yet spend much time on your skateboard. As you are getting more comfortable pushing off with your foot while balancing on your board through the ride there are still gaps between more technical tricks and movements.

        Recommendation: Select a skateboard with a super supportive board that will allow you to learn how to balance.


        You are fully comfortable with manoeuvring your skateboard and have started to work on tricks and more technically advanced moves, be it picking up tricks on how to ollie or dropping in on a ramp. Your current goal is to master the foundation to pave the way for more challenging tricks down the road.

        Recommendation: You are on your way to collect the full set of skills. Experiment and take chances with different wheels or trucks to explore how it impacts your skating. Find a board that is supportive but geared towards tricks.


        Being an expert skaterboarder, you are confident and are well equipped with all tricks. Moving beyond foundational skills, you are focus on more challenging tricks in different environments and landscapes. Indoors, outdoors, skate spots, parks or uneven terrains are your friends than foe.

        Recommendation: Expert skateboarders are highly adaptable to environments and terrains, selecting boards that could withstand rigor and propel precision to perfect that kickflip or move.


        + Skating styles

        Skaters are generally categorized into groups depending on the type of terrains they take on and they usually fall into more than one category. Parts and features of skateboards, trucks and wheels are designed around types of tricks and certain surfaces, as listed are some skating styles to guide you in selecting the right equipment depending on your skating style:


        Riding ramps, vertical structures, performing grabs and spin tricks are some trick sets Vert skaters (aka Pool and Bowl skaters) have. Common spaces that Vert riders inhabit are skate parks with diverse transitional features, occasionally empty pools and some would even DIY ramps to reach greater peaks. Big air, high speed and constantly pushing the envelope dictate Vert tricks. Since transition skaters predominantly travel at high speeds, selecting a wider skateboard deck size will ensure stability.

        Recommendation: To add more style to their riding, Vert riders usually go for unique nose and tail shapes.

        Shop our full collection of Cruiser Skateboards here.



        Street skating venues are easier to source and find than a vert ramp, simply get creative and get skating on everything! One gets creative by utilizing every aspect of the urban landscape, riding on different slopes, curbs and infrastructures that predominates every corner of the concrete jungle, that’s the spirit of street style riding. Such features are sometimes duplicated in skate parks where riders can grind to their heart’s content without having to worry about damaging any public or private property. Most street tricks takes time to cultivate, tricks such as nosegrinds, kickflips, 50s-50s requires lots of precision and technicalities as well as patience to pick up and perfect.

        Recommendation: Obsessed with throwing their tricks off their back, street skaters generally prefer standard "popsicle" shaped skateboard, those with a rounded nose and tail. The round shape aids the board to flip more easily in the air during flip tricks.

        Shop our full collection of Street Skateboards here.



        This is the category most skaters fall into, as an all-round skater, you typically enjoy the satisfaction generated from having nailed that kickflip you’ve been trying to perfect all day or simply cruising through the street taking in the scene and breeze. Generally, you skate street and transition, in other words whatever you can find. Any terrain and the versatility of riding on whatever skateboard are enjoyed by all-around riders.

        Recommendation: Go with a standard shaped skateboard with enough versatility and as your skills progresses, feel free to expand your hardware and board preferences.

        Shop our full collection of All-round Skateboards here.




        Longboards are great for cruising, riding down hills, or as a mode of transportation, but are not designed for tricks of street skating or transition style. Designed for a more fluid ride, longboards allow skaters to make wide turns resembling movement of freeride snowboarding and surfing.

        Recommendation: Longboards come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Short wheelbase and soft bushings allows riders to be more responsive and playful when manoeuvring tight turns.

        Shop our full collection of Longboard Skateboards here.

        How to choose the Right Skateboard deck

        What size skateboard do I need?

        The most important part of choosing a skateboard deck is width, not length or wheelbase. Width varies from 7.5" to 8.25", depending on your height, shoe size, skating style, and personal preference.

        Choosing a board with a width that is too large will be detrimental when you are trick riding as you would need to exert excessive strength, proving it to be difficult to perform. While choosing boards with width that are too small will make you feel unstable and you may have issues balancing.

        As provided are some general guidelines for adults and kids to choose the right deck size.


        Adults chart

        Size Skating Style
        7.5" to 8"  Standard board for adult riders skating streets or doing more technical tricks
        8.0" to 8.25" Skating pool, ramp, rail, and parks
        8.25" and larger  Vert, pools, cruising, and just going old school



        Kids Chart

        FULL SIZE (decks 7.5” or larger)

        • For all skaters over age 13
        • Skater’s Height: <5’3”
        • Shoe size: 9 or up

        MID SIZE (deck width 7.3”)

        • Age: 9-12 years old
        • Skater’s Height: Between 4’5” and 5’2”
        • Shoe size: 7-8

        MINI SIZE (deck width 7.0”)

        • Age: 6-8 years old
        • Skater’s Height: Between 3’5” and 4’4”
        • Shoe size: 4-6

        MICRO SIZE (deck width 6.5” to 6.75”)

        • Age: 5 years old or younger
        • Skater’s Height: Under 3’4”
        • Shoe size: 3


        With Sector 9's comprehensive skateboards that covers all and cool prints to choose from, buy online and enjoy free shipping or come down to our outlets to get yours!

        Shop our full collection of Sector 9 now.

        Benefits of Inline Skating

        Posted by Adam Choong on

        Rollerblade Benefits


        Inline skating increases your heart rate and gets your lungs working, both components in aerobic exercise. You can increase these aerobic benefits by skating on an incline, skating more vigorously, or practicing interval skating. Aerobic exercise improves the cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.


        Inline skating provides anaerobic benefits, such as muscle strengthening and toning. Lower body muscles, core muscles, and even the upper body muscles receive an effective workout while inline skating. From long leg strides, maintaining posture, and swinging the arms, the entire body will see the muscular benefits. IMPROVES


        Inline skating is about dynamic balance, or balance while your body is in motion. By starting with the basic inline skating skills then learning to do more advanced moves on your skates, such as skating backwards, crossover turns, inline hockey, aggressive skating, and even yoga, you can challenge your balance, coordination, and agility.


        Postural, abdominal, and back extensor muscles, get a great workout while inline skating. With each push and glide motion, the core is activated to support the whole body providing stability allowing for dynamic balance. A strong core contributes to the effortless look a practiced skater demonstrates.


        Inline skating at 10mph on a regular basis not only burns about 6 calories a minute, or 360 calories an hour, but also turns fat into muscle - a double benefit. Also, the faster you skate, the more calories you’ll burn per minute.


        While skating has the bone density enhancing benefits of being a weight bearing activity, the smooth push and glide motion has minimal impact on the joints.


        Probably the greatest fitness benefit of all is that inline skating is fun and gives you a sense of accomplishment as you tackle new fitness challenges. There are so many great inline skate events around the country in which to participate; from races to tours to local skate nights to so much more. Get out there and have fun getting and staying fit!

        See our different skating packages here.

        QuickPlay sports equipment - Sports on the go

        Posted by Christy Tan on

        QuickPlay sports equipment is the ultimate sports on the go. Indulge in fun family times, spontaneous game matches, team bonding games and improve on your winning move with high quality training sessions.


        About QuickPlay

        At QUICKPLAY we make sports equipment that works better, each detail is designed with you in mind. We make products that are built to last with a focus on quality, design and innovation. Our equipment is designed for players, clubs and coachers. QUICKPLAY products are also supported by our eCOACH app giving detailed training and coaching and instruction for how to get the most out of your product.



        Why buy a QuickPlay equipment?

        We have picked out some reasons to get that QuickPlay equipment:

        1. Simple and quick set up ~ Average 2 - 5 mins
        2. Portable and lightweight - Pack into family cars or weekend getaways
        3. All weather material - Withstands rain or shine with great shock absorbing system
        4. Versatile - Ideal for both indoors and outdoors
        5. High performance - Great depth and size
        6. Training kit - Have high quality training sessions anywhere, anytime
        7. Fun times together - Great for bonding with family and friends
        8. Comes with eCOACH app - With over 30 training drills to suit different needs of the player. Find out more here.


        Types of training equipment

        • Soccer Goal posts
        • Soccer Rebounders
        • 2 in 1 combo (Goal post + Rebounder)
        • Golf Quick Hit



        Buying guide

        Which one should I get?

        Here's a simple guide for buying goal posts and rebounders:


        How to shop for Soccer Goal posts

        Size, weight, material, space constrains and type of training will determine which goal posts are suitable.

        Goal posts with greater back depth will provide better anchoring, having a built in ballast system will also help ensure that.

        Generally, younger players use smaller goal posts.

        Ease of assemble and fuss free set up is usually what sets apart most portable goal posts. Choosing one that is easy to store and pack away will allow you to bring it everywhere without worrying about storage space.

        Why get a goal post?

        Portable goal posts are easy to store, lightweight yet sturdy, quick and easy to set up, time saving, ideal for all ages and training needs, ideal for indoors and highly cost effective. Instead of using makeshift portable cones as goal posts or looking for an available soccer field, why not get a portable goal post and start anytime, anywhere and gather for a fun time together or some high quality training sessions.



        How to shop for Rebounders

        To choose the suitable rebounder, it largely depends on how and what you are training for as well as the set of skills you wish to hone. Keep in mind the size, shape, tension and flexibility.

        If you are training to improve on your accuracy, choosing a rebounder that highly resembles the size and shape of the goal will be appropriate. Despite not having similar size and shape, possessing the ability to quickly identify hitting corners will yield invaluable training results.

        Size is often determined by the amount of space and its constrains, having a compact and tighter space may prove to be an advantage as most critical parts of an attack always occur in tight spaces. Training yourself to receive and send passes in such conditions will allow you to strike and practise that killer move.

        For those whom spaces aren't a problem or those who are merely practising to get the right move, getting larger rebounders will allow you to train with a few pals. In the long run, as you improve, it also helps in having to store less gear and save without having the need to upgrade.

        Why get a rebounder?

        Players can create effective training sessions with rebounders to improve different techniques and enhance their game. Here are some of the skills that could be highly useful with passes training:

        1. Improve throwing accuracy
        2. Improve first touch - head, chest, thighs, feet
        3. Work on soccer volley without needing to keep chasing after the ball
        4. Strengthen the weaker foot
        5. Improve reaction time and agility



        2 in 1 Combo - Goalpost + Rebounder

        Alternatively, you can always buy the 2 in 1 Goal post + Rebounder: QuickPlay Kickster Combo.



        Quick Play Kickster Combo - $255

        Size: 8ft x 5ft (H 244cm x L 152cm x D 80cm)

        Kickster Academy 8' x 5' Goal and rebounder. Simply by changing the net, you can switch between a Kickster Academy 8' x 5' Goal and a SPOT 8 rebounder. Ultra-lightweight and easy to carry bag, the Kickster Combo is great for taking anywhere. The Kickster Combo goal is a rebounder and goal in one pack. This rebounder / goal packs down and sets up in 90 seconds and is ideal for passing and shooting drills. It's quick and easy to change over to a goal for match play and training. As with all Quick Play Sport products the Kickster Combo can be set up with no instructions needed.


        Golf Quick Hit




        Quick Play Quick Hit Golf - $275

        Size: 8ft x 8ft (H 243.8cm L 243.8cm D 900cm)

        Quick-hit is the ultra portable, multi sport hitting net. Quick-hit can be set up and taken down in two minutes and comes in an easy to carry bag. Quick-hit offers a large square target that will take the power out of any shot. It comes with a range of targets for cricket and golf and is perfect for players at all levels of sport. Quick-hit is the ultra portable, multi sport hitting net. Quick-hit can be set up and taken down in two minutes and comes in an easy to carry bag. Quick-hit offers a large square target that will take the power out of any shot. It comes with a range of targets for cricket and golf and is perfect for players at all levels of sport.

        Great bonding and fun times awaits you, pack on the go for a family day out, outdoor trips or weekend vacations. Designed for both professionals and amateurs, Quickplay spots high quality design and innovation.

        Shop the full collection of QuickPlay sports here.