10 FAQ about Rollerblade Twister XT Skates

10 FAQ about Rollerblade Twister XT Skates

Q: Are the Twister XTs good for Beginners?

A: Yes, the set up is well balanced, the boot is pretty low to the ground and the foot bed is wide for better balance. It also comes with a brake that is useful for beginners. These skates are also great for advance skaters, so you probably will not need to upgrade after you become a better skater.

Q: Why does the box state dual sizes?

A: The XTs come with an extra set of thinner insoles. Since half sizes share the same shell and liners, the thicker insole is to get a full size and the thinner insole to get an extra half size.

Q: Why are we recommended to get this pair fitting?

A: The XT's liner cushion is quite thick. As you know, the fabric under pressure and use will become thinner over time and flushes with the sides of the shell. So if you get a pair comfortable when it's new, it will become oversized after a while. The best way is to remove the liner and measure your size based on the shell.

Q: Why are there metal plates at the foot bed?

A: By adding metal plates, it increases power transfer. Imagine running on sand and on tarmac, you will run faster on tarmac because the surface is hard for you to push your body forward. It works the same on skates.

Q: What is a shock eraser and why is it only at the heel of the skates?

A: A shock eraser is a rubbery pad that is hidden below the foot bed of the skates. Skaters usually push off using the front of the foot. If the skates has a soft pad at the area where they push off, it will greatly reduce power transfer. Same logic as why there are metal plates.

Q: Why is it so hard to buckle up the top cuffs?

A: When the skates are new, the plastic components are hard and you may have difficulty buckling up. If you examine closely, there is a correct way the flaps overlap each other. The flap on the side of the strap should be below. Also. prolong use softens the plastic making it easier to wear overtime.

Q: Are these skates suitable for wide feet?

A: The XT shell is actually wider than the FR and Powerslide Next and Imperial skates however, they are not the widest in the market. I've seen skaters with wide foot using the XTs but they do have an aftermarket liner that are thinner than the liners used by the XTs

Q: Is there a difference between Twister XT and Twister XT W?

A: Apart from colours, there is no difference between both models. Do take note that the sizing is different. Buy carefully by referring to the respective size chart.

Q: I have an edging problem. Are the XTs suitable?

A: The XTS are great for skaters who have problem standing straight on a pair of skates. The frames are laterally adjustable for you to find your perfect stance.

Q: Should I lace up the all the way to the top?

A: If you are already buckling up tight, the laces do give an extra-small tightness but they are not necessary. However, if you are a skater that requires more flex to do more advance maneuvers, you may tighten up the laces and reduce the tightness of the buckles.

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