Inlinex Affiliate Programme

About the programme

Inlinex dominates the skate industry with our well tailored inline skating lessons and best quality skates, scooters, skateboards, bicycles and protective gears. We offer the most comprehensive range of sporting goods from international brands. With our extensive outreach to Southeast Asia with our free delivery shipping for any orders above $120, we can help boost your sales and revenue be it individual or corporate.

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We value all our customers

We value all our customers and would like to express our appreciation by letting you earn while you shop! To all loyal and new customers, simply post and join our affiliate programme to share your great shopping experience and celebrate your purchases! It's just 3 simple steps: Snap, Post and Earn!

Programme Details

Base commission:  3.00 %
Cookie length: 30 days
Commission type:
Percent of total Sale
Conversion action/ type: Online purchase with valid processed payment


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