Buying Inline Skates for Kids (Part 1)

If you're a parent looking to get some skates for your youngling ‚Äď but don't know where to start ‚Äď fret not! We're here to help. This article covers the main¬†things to consider, and after that you can check out Part 2, containing technical information and our brand/model comparison list.

Comfort & Size

First things first, comfort is key. It is absolutely essential to come down for a fitting. When? The best time to do so would be after an afternoon of walking, since feet tend to swell a little towards the end of the day. Spend at least 30mins to an hour letting him/her test out a few pairs. The skates should fit snugly, without any pinching or soreness. If the skates are a little loose, don't brush it off thinking "oh it'll be fine, they'll grow into it…" Looseness will cause friction sores and make skating difficult!

So, look for a pair that fits their current size closely. The best part is, most kids skates models expand four to five sizes. So you can keep up with their rapidly growing feet, get the most out of the skates, and not waste money on something you'll toss out in a few months.

Closure System

Now, the next factor to consider is the closure system. We recommend a system they can use without any assistance from you, for convenience. These are the common options:

Velcro+buckle >> velcro straps and a buckle
Laces+buckle >> shoelaces and a buckle, for those who can tie laces
Speed lacing >> just like a drawstring, tug to tighten, slide the cord lock into place
BOA lacing >> simple twist/pull of a dial, to tighten/release

Alright, are you ready to check out some real-world examples? Let's go over to Part 2 to see what the different brands and models have to offer.
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