Arc Gear — Affordable, great quality

Made in various bright shades, the threading connecting the parts is highly durable and discreet, not compromising on looks. The cushions are well padded and impact absorbent, with a tough styrofoam interior. There is also additional gel in the wrist guard, giving extra shock absorbency for fragile wrists. The hard shell is sculpted to allow for flex upon impact, avoiding cracking and other damage. The colourful padding dries rapidly when moist, keeping it cleaner and fresher for longer.

Arc Gear is also specially designed with sizing options and straps tailored for young children, providing a snug fit and secure protection across a range of ages/sizes.

XXS is for 3-7 year olds, while XS caters to ages 6-12.

Here is the measuring guide:

Buy authentic Arc Gear protective padding. It is currently sold under this packaging and logo:

But Arc Gear has a refreshed look coming up! Here is the new dynamic and sporty logo:

This new logo will appear on all Arc branding and packaging rolled out by the end of next month, June 2015. Products with the old logo will remain in circulation and sold concurrently. They are both authentic Arc Gear logo marks.

Look out for these in skating and sports stores! Check them out here in kids size and here in adults size.

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