Buy Micro Metallic Maxi Scooters for your Kids

Looking for something different for your little one?

Take a look at Micro Maxi Metallic colors!


Instead of having the normal black handle bars, the metallic range comes with matching colors as the base! Stand out from the crowd with colors like metallic red, metallic blue, metallic coral pink and metallic green.

The Maxi Micro is the natural follow-on to the Mini Micro.  It is designed for children from the age of  6 to 12 years  and combines all the motor skills benefits of the Mini Micro whilst incorporating the needs of the older child, with a weight loading of up to 50kg. With a cool, sporty design it has proved an instant hit and won a place at the Red Dot Museum.

The Maxi Micro for kids weighs 2.5 kg making it portable and light-weight for an older child. This scooter is too heavy and too speedy however, for a preschool child. To ensure safety and to enhance the benefits that Micro scooters offer, please choose scooter from the correct age group for your child.

The Maxi comes in purple or black. We also have limited edition colours available in blue, red, orange, green, pink, coral pink, cameo green, bronze and silver.

Metallic Red


 Metallic Blue

 Metallic Pink

Metallic Green

AGE: 6-12 years

MAX RIDER WEIGHT: 50kg / 7st 12lb

HANDLE HEIGHT: 67 - 93cm




WHEEL SIZE: 120 mm front/80 mm rear




This Swiss quality and designed scooter has won numerous awards like Right Start Best Toys Awards 2015, Toy award 2012, Junior design Awards 2011, Mumsnet Best Award, Top Toys Gold Awards 2010 and many more.

With over 10 years of experience in this industry, micro has made a big impression. With its wide variety of stunning colors and range of kick-scooters for all ages, micro has shown its versatility and user-friendliness to their consumers. International celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Gwen Stefani, Mathew McConaughey, Katie Holmes, Jaden Smith, the list goes on! Even the English Prime Minister David Cameron’s daughter is using it!

What’s more not to love? Grab yours here now!


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