Colourful Micro Bells for your Scooters and Bicycles

Like apples and pears, scooters and bells are the perfect duo!

Just got your little one a new scooter/ bicycle for their birthday? Why not get a Micro bell for them too? It fits on any scooter or bicycle with a wide variety of colors! The bells not only trains them in their alertness but their also helps to protect the safety of your child. Attached with a flexible silicone strap with multiple place settings, it is waterproof and does not require batteries!

With the wide variety of colors that micro scooters come in, you can match the bells accordingly, or follow the fashion trend and color block your scooters! With the brightly colored scooters and bells, your child will definitely steal the spotlight among others.

Not only the can the bells be used on kids scooters, parents can also get one for yourself too! It will not only enhance your scooting experience, it also enables you to teach your child when to use and when not to use it while scooting.
With such vibrant colors at such an affordable price, what are you waiting for? Grab yours here

  • Flexible silicone strap with multiple place settings
  • Use on your scooter and bicycle
  • Easy to attach and waterproof
  • Be seen and heard on your scooter

Micro scooter bells - S$12, available online and in-stores.

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