Grab a pair of micro handle grips for your scooters now at Inlinex!

Micro handle grips

Handle grips are suitable for either the G-Bike+, Mini Micro or Maxi Micro. They are sold as a pair and are available in the following choice of colours: green, pink, orange, purple, black, yellow or blue. Why not change the look of your scooter, by adding a fresh new colour.





Micro Handle Grip





Micro handle grips are compatible with these scooters

How to replace the handle grips on your Original Mini Micro scooter

To get the old handle grips off – you may need a bit of muscle.  You should be able to simply twist and pull them off.  However we also have some tricks if muscle isn’t enough…You can cut the old handle grips off (carefully!) with scissors. To put new handle grips on simply twist and push on to the handlebar.

Alternatively, spray the inside of the new grip/s with a small squirt of hairspray!  This helps the grip to slide on to the handle grip and then acts like a glue to keep them in place.

Watch this video to see how to replace your micro handle grips. It takes only a few easy steps.


Grab these micro scooter handle grips available in a range of colors at only $20 available in store.

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