Benefits of Inline Skating

Rollerblade Benefits


Inline skating increases your heart rate and gets your lungs working, both components in aerobic exercise. You can increase these aerobic benefits by skating on an incline, skating more vigorously, or practicing interval skating. Aerobic exercise improves the cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.


Inline skating provides anaerobic benefits, such as muscle strengthening and toning. Lower body muscles, core muscles, and even the upper body muscles receive an effective workout while inline skating. From long leg strides, maintaining posture, and swinging the arms, the entire body will see the muscular benefits. IMPROVES


Inline skating is about dynamic balance, or balance while your body is in motion. By starting with the basic inline skating skills then learning to do more advanced moves on your skates, such as skating backwards, crossover turns, inline hockey, aggressive skating, and even yoga, you can challenge your balance, coordination, and agility.


Postural, abdominal, and back extensor muscles, get a great workout while inline skating. With each push and glide motion, the core is activated to support the whole body providing stability allowing for dynamic balance. A strong core contributes to the effortless look a practiced skater demonstrates.


Inline skating at 10mph on a regular basis not only burns about 6 calories a minute, or 360 calories an hour, but also turns fat into muscle - a double benefit. Also, the faster you skate, the more calories you’ll burn per minute.


While skating has the bone density enhancing benefits of being a weight bearing activity, the smooth push and glide motion has minimal impact on the joints.


Probably the greatest fitness benefit of all is that inline skating is fun and gives you a sense of accomplishment as you tackle new fitness challenges. There are so many great inline skate events around the country in which to participate; from races to tours to local skate nights to so much more. Get out there and have fun getting and staying fit!

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Roller skating is no longer just a recreational activity or sport. Besides improving your mood, it improves your health and prevents life-changing diseases, E.g. Diabetes, Bad Cholesterol, Heart Health, Poor Immunity, and so many others. However, we can say that skating helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Roller skating is probably an amazing activity, you can try anywhere. Whether you are a foodie or just a Cauchy Potato, you don’t need to nod for your favorite food. Though excessive consumption of fast food is hazardous but you can take a bite from your favorite burger or pizza. You don’t need to worry about your calories. Apart from entertainment, Roller Skating destroys extra calories from your body and assists you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

No matter how far you have been rolling on the wheels or planning to enroll for skating classes, these 6 proven benefits of skating will inspire you to buy a new pair of skates right away.
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