Choosing Inline Skates for Beginners

Choosing Inline Skates for Beginners

If you are a beginner looking to buy an inline skates, here are the parts of the skates you need to look out for:

Frame - The frame will take the bulk of your weight. So getting a frame that is not strong enough will cause pronation and supination. 

For user weight below 70kg, plastic frame is good enough to start learning how to skate. For user weight above 70kg we recommend metal frame.

Shell -  The shell usually comes in two types. Soft and Hard. Soft shell is more comfortable but less supportive for the ankles and Hard shell is more supportive but less comfortable.

For users who are totally new and never done any type of similar sport, go for a hard boot because it helps you stand straighter and balance better. Those with experience in ski-ing, ice skating or any similar type sport can consider the soft boot for more comfort

Wheels - The size of the wheels matters. Smaller wheels keep you lower to the ground for better balance and bigger wheels allow you to roll fast and longer. The best is to get a good balance.

For user height from 150 - 175cm, go for 80mm wheels. For user height above 175cm, go for 90mm wheels.

Brake - Brakes are important because it helps you to slow down easily. Brakes also help to prevent users from falling backwards. For skates that don't have brakes included, you can buy them seperately.

Cuff -  Most cuffs are hard plastic. Lower cuffs give you more flex and higher cuffs gives you more support. So for beginners, we recommend higher cuffs for the extra ankle supports.

Liner - Liners are either removable or integrated. Liners control your level of comfort. Although this is not applicable for beginners choosing a pair of skates, it will be when you choose to advance.

Top Strap - The top strap is there to make sure your feet and ankles don't move inside the liner and shell. For beginners, we recommend buckle strap. Velcro straps is uncommon but we will not recommend beginners if he/she happens to see one.

Mid Strap - Mid strap usually comes in velcro or buckle type. They are there to prevent supination and pronation. For users above 70kg, we highly recommend buckle type mid strap. 

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