Best Urban Fitness Inline Skates

Best Urban Fitness Inline Skates

What is an urban fitness skate? Urban fitness skates are skates that are fast and agile. They offer better support on the ankles and it comes with short frame but large wheels. Conventional fitness speed skates has extremely long frames that makes it hard to cut corners in our urban landscape. Therefore, urban fitness skates are gaining in popularity fast!

Want to burn the calories? An average 80kg person will burn 600 Calories skating a distance of 12km in an hour. Skating 12km/h is pretty easy it is not as tiring as running. Also, it does not put too much pressure on the joints too. 

Base on the above calculation, in order to burn more calories in an hour, you will need to cover a longer distance, make sense? 

Here are the list of skates we recommend to get you moving faster and covering a lot more distance in that hour. Updated May 2019

Powerslide Swell 125 City

Powerslide Swell Black City 125 Triskates have a classic black and yellow color combination, bursting with the latest in innovation. Short trinity mount magnesium frames (10") are incredibly agile and light. The result is less fatigue, and the ablity to skate tighter city streets with ease.

Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser 125

Powerslide Megacruiser 125 Skates 2019 have become one of the world's most popular urban skates (also good for cross-training). Large 125mm wheels on a short triskate frames, make them fast but easy to skate. Pure adrenaline and pure fun! The supportive hard shell boot is vented on all sides, and provides great response. The hard boot also makes balancing a lot easier! The 2019 version glows in the dark too!

Powerslide Next 110 Supercruiser

Powerslide NEXT Blackout 110 Skates look incredible in all black. At 110mm, it can skate distance, but also has the strength and response to take on slides, stairs and jumps

Powerslide Kaze SC Trinity

The Powerslide Kaze Trinity Supercruiser 110 Skates enhance control and allow you to carve in, out and through the streets with a perfect mix of speed and mobility. Highly responsive Kaze Boots provide a firm fit that skilled skaters will enjoy, and are paired with Trinity mount frames to make skating with the Supercruiser faster and smoother than ever. 

Powerslide Next 125 Pro Megacruiser

Powerslide Next 125 Pro comes with a extremely supportive liner and cuff for maximum stability and control. Add in large 125mm wheels made in USA, this pair of skates is fast! Trinity mount keeps the CG low and the short frame allows quick turns and spins even with such large wheels.


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