Buying Powerslide Next 80 Core Skates

Buying Powerslide Next 80 Core Skates

Today on honest review by Inlinex, we are looking at the Next Core 80 by Powerslide. As usual, we will scrutinize all the specs associated with the skates.

Before we go into that, I must give say the all black design is really sleek and classy. These bad boys will appeal to both women and men. 


Hardboot with Removable Liner

Adjustable Cuff (Up, Down or Cant One Side)

Polypropylene, Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic


Medium Flexibility Cuff

Trinity Mount

X-Slot Mounting

Replaceable Toe Protector

WHEELS Powerslide Spinner 80mm 88A Wheels
BEARINGS Wicked ABEC9 Bearings - 608 Standard Hub - Chrome Steel Balls - Kyodo Grease

Elite Casted Alumunium Frames

Trinity Mount



Max Wheel Size 80mm

Laterally Adjustable ; Front to Back Adjustable with These Boots

Steel Single Side 8mm Axles - Hex

Compatible with Powerslide HABS SM/MD Brake Mount


MyFit Recall Dual Fit Liners

Lace Holes to Improve/Customize Support Level

Memory Foam Molds Naturally with Skate Time

Heat Moldable at Heel

Fits Two Sizes

Skatesole EVA Innersole Footbed


Micro Adjustable Top Buckle

Micro Adjustable Ratchet 45 Degree (Powerstrap) Buckle



Compatible with HABS SM/MD Brake Mount


Okay, the boots are really hard. Really keeps your ankles in place. Very little movement inside the liner. The liner really fits snugly to the boot, so almost no movement inside the boot. Really good fit for both the foot and the liner! 

Comes an adjustable cuff with the switch of the cuff screw. Very clever! 

Now for the wheels and bearings.. Super hard making the ride smooth. Combine with the Abec 9 bearings. Really fast for a 4x80mm skates.

After trying the skates on, we realized that the trinity frame and 80mm wheels really makes the skates super low to the ground. Its almost like the ground touching the boot! The gap between the wheels and the boot is also so small. Really stable. The frame is also extruded, meaning 1 piece, really adds to the strength of the skates. 243mm frame is usually the universal length for versatility.

The buckle needs to be cut because the end of the buckle will hit a groove at the side of the liner marked below. In order to tighten the skates effectively, find the extra length and trim it off. Buckles are solid and it clicks into place really nicely.

The recall liners are both heat mold-able and it kinds of mold into your feet contours after a certain period of time. Nice material and feels really hard too. Living up to expectations.

The skates may feel really uncomfortable at the start, but DO NOT buy a size up to get more comfort. It is supposed to be like this. Let the skates break in and you will get a good fit. The first 1-3 hours on the skates will cause numbing of the feet. Bear with it for a little while and after that it will be very comfortable and fitting. The skates do "expand" quite a bit.The stock insoles are really thin, so you may wish to change to a pair of more comfy insoles after the break in.

Powerslide Next Sizing Chart

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