Chaya is a roller derby and roller skate brand from Powerslide.

Over the past 4 years we have been working hard to perfect our product line ensuring we introduce unique and innovative designs unlike any other brand on the market.

Chaya’s image is clean, pure and focused.
Fully functional product with great design and style combining function and fashion.

After our success in Roller Derby and Park Skating, most recently we are excited to join the Roller Dancemovement.

The unique selling point for Chaya is the patented Dual Center Mount. For the first time ever you can put a roller skate together with just two screws, so no extra mounting and drilling work, no misplaced frames, and no discussion about forward or backward mount.


Dual Center Mounting

Advantages of DCM

Less hardware needed for the assembly

Plate position can be customized

Easier handling for the (online) shops – frame can be mounted by skaters


Chaya Derby Skates - the most aggressive skate to help you ace in indoor competitions!

Chaya Derby Skates


The Chaya Pearl has been the flagship of our roller derby collection since Day 1... The Pearl is a high end, high performance, light weight carbon boot that will truly take your game to the next level. Loved for its sleek look, unmatched heel lock, incomparable heat molding and extreme responsiveness. BUT WAIT ➡️ The Pearl has been UPGRADED and now showcases a lower cut shell and softer upper for added comfort. .

Combined with our off-set 20º Ophira aluminum plate - mounted via our unique DCM 2-point mounting system, juicewheels Java 92A and wicked bearings. You will feel an immediate increase in your performance. The Pearl is built to last and will see you through multiple seasons.

Chaya Lifestyle Skates - fastest way to get you from Point A to Point B!Chaya Lifestyle Skates

The Chaya Melrose Elite benefits from a padded high cut boot for superior comfort, our high performance Shari plate, Octo wheels Paseo, wicked Bearings ABEC 9 and our much loved Controller Toe Stop. This combination makes for an extra smooth, extremely comfortable and very responsive ride. This is the roller skate for long hours of cruising.  Other Colour Options available HERE


Chaya Park Roller Skates - Great for Outdoors, tricks and stunts in the skate park!Chaya Park Roller Skates 


The Chaya ‘Jump’ (Black) is a durable boot built for outdoor + street + park. The high cut sneaker fit boot is a combination of mesh and leather, providing great support alongside superior comfort. Extra features such as an extremely padded foam tongue and anatomically shaped ankle area ensure comfort throughout the longest and hardest of skating sessions.


Chaya Vintage skates - aesthetics still counts does it not!Chaya Vintage Skates


The Chaya Glide is the flagship of our Vintage roller skate collection and it’s easy to see why. This extremely comfortable and stylish mid-cut boot is the perfectly smooth ride you need for the roller disco, street or beach. This high fashion distressed denim look will make you the envy of your crew. You are sure to be noticed as you roll back in time to the good old days! .

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