Corporate Health and Wellness thru Inline Skating

Companies realize that corporate health and wellness is a must in today's workforce

There are definitely more companies and organisations incorporating wellness programmes into their budget to engage and increase productivity in employees.

In a survey done, by 2024, the Asia-Pacific region can expect a corporate wellness market worth US$7.4 billion. That is staggering compared to 10 years ago where employee are responsible for their own wellness 

Separately, studies have shown that companies and organisation not participating or invest little into corporate wellness across the territories of Southeast Asia including Singapore, had productivity losses totaling US$44.6 billion within a financial year.

Corporate health and wellness is starting to grow in presence in our workplace cultures and strategies. It is well documented that a happier work team allows better productivity and helps with retaining employees.

It also helps to attract new employee as corporate health and wellness is seen as an important intrinsic benefit.

On the contrary, companies that do not provide corporate health and wellness programmes are losing their precious workforce to its competitors and worst, a disgruntled workforce.

We have heard too many times that companies and organisations are too busy, or have a lack of budget to even start any sort of corporate health and wellness programme. In actual fact, the benefits are clear and making it happen should be a priority for any HR department. 

How Inline Skating can be a Health and Wellness Programme

Inline Skating in Corporate Health and Wellness

Here at Inlinex, we have specially tailored an Inline Skating Programme for corporate health and wellness. Your employee will 

  • Learn the basic of inline skating
  • Engage in activities to strengthen team spirit
  • Get a good workout 
  • Interact better between colleagues
  • Use inline skating as a cardio workout to replace running 

We understand that the start of any after work activity is difficult. We will be helping you along to recruit participants to start the programme. We can provide poster or pamphlet designs, or provide a free trial class for those who are uncertain if the sport is right for them. 

Inlinex also provides only skates and equipment from brands like K2, Rollerblade and Powerslide. These skates are better, safer and more comfortable. This allows learners to learn faster and have a better experience.

Corporate health and wellness

In order to make things as convenient as possible, you can choose your own location and timing even on weekends. We will transport our skates and equipment to you. 

Each lesson is 90 minutes long and you it will be load of calorie burning, fun and exciting session of inline skating every single time.

Start your corporate health and wellness through inline skating with Inlinex today. To find out more click here or simply email or call 81285873  

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