DeeMax Scooters

DeeMax scooters comes with a solid aluminum frame that holds up to a load of 100kg. It comes with 200mm PU Wheels that handles cracks and bumps effortlessly. It has a pair of thick cushioned handle grips that reduce vibration when travelling on rough surfaces. it is extremely smooth and easily folded for storage and portability. The handle bar and chasis is bolted together tightly so users experience little or no vibration even after multiple uses. Folding the scooter is quick and easy too. It also comes with a solar powered warning front light, carrying strap and a bottle holder. Highly recommended for heavy recreational use and commuting.


1 Second folding

Fold the scooter on the go. Eradicates the need to bend down and use your hands to fold the scooter.

Adjustable hand bar

Locks at the 94cm, 99cm and 104cm mark. Otherwise, use the bar clamp to lock it at any height you wish.

Large deck space

Allows user to put 2 feet nicely side by side to get the best ergonomic position for scooting.

Extra Sturdiness

T bar has 2 lock mechanism and thick rubber grips to reduce shakiness and vibrations. Folding mechanism at the foot of the handle bar locks tightly with 3 bolts and 2 extra screws to prevent shakiness.


Front and Rear Suspension to roll over uneven terrain with ease. (Deemax 7 only rear suspension)

Solid large PU wheels

Large wheels helps with speed and cruising. It also helps with stability and reduce vibrations.




Get the full range of DeeMax Scooters online and in stores.

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