Difference between Hard and Soft Boots

Difference between Hard and Soft Boots

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Usually classified under 2 main types, Hard and Soft. Both have their pros and cons. Lets take a more in depth look at these properties.

Hard Boot Benefits:

  • Heavier boots keeps your centre of gravity low, thus increasing stability and balance
  • Helps you to stand straighter by offering better support on the ankles
  • Protects your foot against hard surfaces
  • Liner cushion is very thick for comfort and increased responsiveness
  • Extremely durable

Soft Boot Benefits

  • Lighter boots allow you to speed and skate longer distances
  • Comfortable like wearing a pair of sneakers
  • Breathable to keep your feet cool
  • Works well with laces to give you a compressed fit

Hard Boot Drawbacks

  • Heavier boots requires more effort from users
  • Less comfort due to hardness of the boot

Soft Boot Drawbacks

  • Lighter boots makes it harder to balance
  • Less support on the ankles may cause pronation or supination 

Below is a chart to help you decide on what boot choice to make base on your skating activity

 Soft Boot Hard Boot
  • skating on long and flat road
  • skating long distances
  • long skating sessions
  • speed skating
  • urban skating
  • doing tricks and jumps
  • aggressive slides and maneuvers
  • Slalom
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