Frequently Asked Questions on Rollerblades

Frequently Asked Questions on Rollerblades

Are Rollerblade Wheels Universal?

The wheels comes with different sizes and hardness. The size in mm and the hardness in a is stated on the wheel. Your skate frame will usually state the max wheel size it can fit. 

Are Rollerblade Sizes and Shoes the same?

Shoe sizes can be used as a reference for buying the correct Rollerblade size. However, do read carefully on product description if the Rollerblade you are buying runs smaller or bigger than normal shoe size.

Are Rollerblade Bearings the same as Skateboard?

Generally yes. Most skateboads and Rollerblades use 608 bearings.

Are Rollerblade Inline Skates?

Inline Skating is the correct term for the sport. Rollerblade is a household brand that manufacture inline skates.

Are Rollerblades or Roller Skates Easier?

Roller skate are highly responsive to movements. Making it harder for beginners to control. However, there are instances where skaters think inline skating is more difficult. The answer to this question is highly subjective.

Can Rollerblade Lose Weight?

Yes, inline skating is an excellent way to get a great cardio workout. A person that is 85kg and skates for an average speed of 12km/h burns around 400 calories an hour.

Can Rollerblades help Ice Skating?

Yes, the weight distribution and balance is almost similar. Inline skating can help you balance better on ice skates.

Can you Rollerblade in the Rain?

Technically, you can skate in the rain but it is highly dangerous. The skate wheels without grip makes it impossible to skate on wet and slippery surfaces. However, if you are an advance skater, you can buy Rain Wheels and Rust Proof bearings to skate in the Rain.

How to Rollerblade for Beginners?

Keep your skates in a V-shape (Heels touching and front wheel pointing apart) to let your skates move apart. Lift up one side to form back the V shape and repeat the process lifting the other side to form back the V shape. When the wheels move too fast keep quickly move your skates parallel to each other and let it roll. 

How to Rollerblade Backwards?

Keep your skates in an A shape (Front wheels touching and heels pointing apart) and let the skates roll apart from each other. Lift up one side to form back the A shape and repeat the process lifting the other side to form back the A shape. When the wheels move too fast keep quickly move your skates parallel to each other and let it roll backwards. 

How to brake on Rollerblades?

For stopping with the rubber brakes (usually located at the right side rear wheel region), keep your skates parallel while rolling. Slowly extend the skates with the rubber brakes and lift your front wheels upwards. This will engage the rubber brakes against the ground. 

What Rollerblades are best for Beginners?

Skates that have a low centre of gravity are generally good for beginners. The space between the wheels and the skate boot should be minimal. The wheels should not go above 80mm for beginners. 

What Rollerblades are best for Wide feet?

The Rb Series by Rollerblade Brand are recommended for skaters with wide feet. 

When to Replace Rollerblade Wheels

When the rubber on the wheels are worn close to the core. Some will choose to change even before the wheels are fully worn because smaller wheels means slower skates.

When to Rotate Rollerblade Wheels

After using the skates for a while, you will see clearly the inner sides of the wheels wearing off before the outer side. You should immediately rotate the wheels when that happens to prevent imbalance.

When to Replace Rollerblade Bearings

When you start to hear strange noises coming out of your bearings. This means there are high friction. This can happen when rust eats into the ball bearings causing them to be less round.

What are Inline Skate Frames?

Inline skate frames are the component right below the skate boot. They hold the wheels together in a line and is one of the most important component in a pair of skates. Read here to learn more about frames. 


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