Rollerblade Twister X - 2017

The highly anticipated Rollerblade's 2017 Twister X is more than a pretty statement and is definitely here to stay.


Rollerblade Twister X Skates feature a stand out design that is sure to catch some attention. Not just a pretty face, these skates are also packed full of performance and comfort.

The molded shell design makes for a snug, responsive fit that is highly adjustable thanks to two ratcheting buckles at the ankle and midstrap.

The Specialized Pro liner is contoured to give optimal comfort and instant heel lock.

Built for the streets, you'll find an integrated Shock absorber in the heel to help reduce road vibration and a replaceable slider for added durability.


UPPER/SHELL Twister, Vented Molded
Lateral Slider
WHEELS Rollerblade Hydrogen 80mm/85A
BEARINGS Twincam Classic ILQ 9

Hot Rod 243mm Alu
One Sided Racing axles

LINER New Specialized 5 Star Fit
Specialized footbed
Shock Absorber

Memory Lock Ratcheting Cuff Bukle
45° Buckle
Standard laces



We have included four common mistakes of inline skaters, read on to know if you are on the right track. The worst thing that could happen is getting the wrong pair of skates or getting yourself hurt.

1. Skating without any protection

Many advanced skaters are confident in their skill set and expertise, everyone trusts their own experience but getting yourself geared up in protection will do you more good than harm, you might even thankful for it saving your life.

We highly advise going with full protective gears that includes a helmet, wrist, knee and elbow guards.


2. Wearing skates that don't fit

Trying on a pair of skates before buying is always the way to go. If you can't get them in stores, try on a similar pair from the same brand and model range so you have a good idea of your size. Different brands and models differs in sizing and cut, so do be careful and do not assume your size is fixed or one size applies to all skates.


3. Speeding and ignoring road rules

Rules of the road should not be ignored. As much as urban and aggressive skating drives your adrenaline and keeps you going for more, speeding and being oblivious to traffic whether on the road or pavements will only make you a danger object to avoid. Plan your trail and do be considerate of other users and pedestrians. It is great to practise that killer move and slide on that handrail, but safety always comes first, both for others and yourself.


4. Not knowing how to stop and forgetting to stop

Yes, it's thrilling to go down hill, with that impressive swerve and rounding each curve but being unstoppable isn't gonna make you a shooting star. You might dream of burning wheels so turn they into fire but everyone would be thankful if you knew how to use that brake of yours. We are not doubting you and we are sure you know every way to make yourself stop, we just could not emphasis more that it is crucial to brake before it escalates into something that is actually preventable.

So there you have it, four common mistakes of inline skaters, don't be the one who faults them! Always practise safety and grind that dirt so Stephane Alfano would be proud of you or at least nod tastefully.

Get Rollerblade Twister X, $499(U.P $639) online or in stores.

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