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24 months interest free instalment now available at Inlinex!

24 months interest free instalment now available at Inlinex!

You can now enjoy up to 24 months interest free instalment with HSBC credit cards when you shop at Inlinex, Inlinex My Village, Inlinex Tampines Mall! (*Terms and conditions apply.)

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Get Zoom ZERO, the lightest scooter at Inlinex!

ZERO. The world's lightest electric scooter.

Extreme Portability

The entire frame and deck of the scooter is crafted from high quality Carbon Fiber making it super lightweight yet sturdy. Weighing at just 6.3KG, ZERO is the perfect scooter for urban commuters. The compact size and easy-fold function mean you can bring it up on public transport conveniently.

Signature Front Light

The elegant and stylish front lights not only make passer-bys do a double take, it also lights up the path ahead at night for safety.

Ultra Slim 7.6mm Deck

Through the smart use of carbon fibre, the deck is super slim yet strong. It can handle up to 100kg of weight while only 7.6mm thin. The spring leaf shape of the deck acts as an integrated suspension to smoothen out uneven paths.

Advanced Motor Technology

The 5‚ÄĚ hub motor is specially developed to be high-torque, high-powered yet lightweight. Through the revolutionary use of Field Oriented Control (FOC) technology, acceleration is smooth and silent giving you an enjoyable riding experience. Coupled with electronic braking (EBS), it allows the battery to be recharged during braking.

Smart and High-Capacity Battery System

Using high-capacity 18650 Lithium Ion cells provide ZERO with superb range and battery lifespan of over 500 cycles. The battery pack is carefully stored in the front steering tube for better heat dissipation and a more even weight distribution. The battery can run up to 32km in range and with a smart BMS (Battery Management System) in place, you need not worry about overcharging or battery malfunctions.

Intelligent LCD Display

A sleek LCD display screen that shows critical information such as speed, battery life, odometer and time. Allows for easy customisation of speed limits, 8km/h, 16km/h, 23km/h.

MATERIAL: 3K Carbon Fibre
WEIGHT: 6.3 KG (7KG for 10Ah Battery Upgrade)
MOTOR: 24V 350W Brushless Motor
MOTOR CONTROLLER: Field-Oriented Control (FOC)
BRAKES: EBS Microelectronic Brakes with Rear Fender Brake
BATTERY: High-Capacity 18650 Lithium Ion Cells
RANGE: 20-25KM for 7 Ah (30-35km for 10Ah Upgrade)*
WARRANTY: 6 Months Electrical Warranty (Covers Battery, Motor Electronics)
**Range is dependent on user's weight, riding conditions and terrain

Buy Zoom Zero at Inlinex online or in stores, The Riverwalk, Tampines Mall, MyVillage at $1499! Enjoy up to 24 months interest free installment with HSBC as low as $62.46 a month.


INOKIM light the fastest and lightest scooters are now in stores!

INOKIM light the fastest and lightest scooters are now in stores!

Following the successful launch of the Quick model comes the beautifully designed Inokim Light. Built with a compact 12kg streamline body and smaller 8.5" tires for practicality and style, the INOKIM light folds effortlessly for a quick carry. The light provides portability, yet the same feeling of comfort and ruggedness, as loved by riders of the Quick. The Light's cabling has been cleverly designed to be concealed within the body, giving it a sleek outlook. It is the ultimate personal vehicle for urban commuters who desire an alternative to walking that last-mile.






Two versions available:

  • Normal Version: 20-25KM travelling distance per charge.
  • Extended Battery Version: 30-35KM Traveling distance per charge. (Additional $150)

Detailed Specifications:

  • Transmission: 36V 8.5 inch Brushless Hub motor
  • Battery: Li-Ion 36V 8Ah/10.4 Ah
  • Weight: 12/13 kg
  • Charge time: 4-5 hrs for full charge
  • Top Speed: Configurable between 17 and 25 km/h
  • Top Range: 20/30 km
  • Braking System: Rear drum brakes
  • Loading Capacity: 100 kg
  • Tires: 8.5 inch pneumatic tires front and rear
  • Accessories: LCD Display, Bell





The INOKIM light is available in 5 colors, online and in stores from $1599, limited stock are available, get yours now before it runs out! Come down for a test drive at our stores, The Riverwalk (Flagship), MyVillage, Tampines mall.

Looking for a way to pass through the busy morning crowd?

Why not try an electric scooter today!


We carry brands such as Inokim Quick 2 (previously called MyWay) and Zoom Air 2. With these two domineering brands in the market, they have different specifications catered for each and every one of you.


Inokim Quick 2

Available in two different battery sizes (9mAh, 18mAh), the Inokim Quick 2 has a wider deck and a heavier rider capacity. With 10 inch pneumatic tires and suspensions to its front and rear wheels, the Quick 2 allows you to have a smoother ride along the pavements of Singapore. Equip with V-brakes and disc brakes, this scooter’s braking system is very similar to that of your motorcycles. With digital display (battery, speed, and distance travelled indicators) and a bell, Inokim Quick 2 is equipped with almost everything needed for your everyday travel.



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Zoom Air 2


Also available in two different battery sizes (6.5mAh, 8.5mAh), the Zoom Air 2 is the lightest electrical scooter around (till date). With 10 inch natural rubber tires and suspensions to its front and rear wheels, similar to that of a car, the Zoom Air 2 allows you to wheeze your way around Singapore. Equip with regenerative braking system, the motor converts all kinetic energy to potential energy every time you break. Means more travelling distance for you! With digital display (battery, speed, and distance travelled indicators) horn and light, Zoom Air 2 is equipped with almost everything needed for your everyday travel.


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Don't just hear it from us, try it out yourself today! Come on down to our shops here to give it a test drive NOW.


Zoom Air 2: Electric Scooter

The Zoom Air 2 is the second generation electric scooter from Zoom. At just 10.7KG, ZoomAir 2 is the lightest electric scooter in the world. Easily foldable in less than 3 seconds, ZoomAir 2 is extremely compact and portable. Bring it on the MRT or bus, store it in the back of your car trunk or trolley it through the lobby to your office. ZoomAir equals convenience.

Inokim Quick 2 Electric Scooter (2015)

The INOKIM QUICK 2 (2015 Version) is the latest and greatest Electric Scooter to come from the MYWAY company. It is a personal, compact, light electric vehicle which allows you to travel anywhere within a 25-30km range (without breaking a sweat) on one battery charge.

An improved version of its predecessor (the MYWAY), the INOKIM is the last mile solution for all your commuting problems, bypass the endless traffic jams and crowds in Singapore, be it on the road or on the MRT. The INOKIM is also a perfect recreational device, enabling you to move freely whenever you want.

Designed and developed in Israel by Nimrod Sapir, it is an award-winning product that is now released into the mass market after 4 years of R&D and field testing under different rugged conditions. Streamlined production and international distribution networks also means you can now get this premium product for less than the original price tag of a few thousand dollars. There is no other kick scooter like it in the market. Smooth in both manual and electric mode, the INOKIM is truly made for the hard knocks of the roads, but designed to stand out amongst the hippest neighborhoods.

  • LCD Digital Speedmeter and Battery Display
    • With INOKIM‚Äôs new digital display, you will have all the information you need at your fingertips, showing your Speed, Distance travelled and battery life.
  • Allows for TWO ways to accelerate
    • You can now either use the standard thumb throttle made popular by the MYWAY Quick, or use the new thumb free INOKIM wrist twist throttle ‚Äď accelerating with just the twist of your wrist.
  • ¬†Easy Configurable Gears/Speed
    • With INOKIM‚Äôs new throttle control, you can change between 3 speed levels! Never worry about losing control of your speed again!
      • Slow (Gentle Acceleration, 9km/h top speed)
      • Moderate (Moderate Acceleration, 18km/h top speed)
      • Fast (Quick Acceleration, 27km/h top speed)

More Comfortable. Greater Stability. Foldable.

  • The new INOKIM QUICK 2 (2015) handle bar is designed to maintain the same ergonomic curved feature of the original MYWAY to provide the most comfortable ride, but is now longer to provide even greater stability and comfort to your ride. It now features foldable handlebars to make the INOKIM more compact and portable than ever.


The Inokim is capable of traveling for long distances (25~30km, depending on usage conditions) on one charge of its lithium ion battery and can carry a load of up to 120kg. It is capable of traveling at a top speed of 25km/h at the simple press of a button, and has an incredibly strong motor enabling it to tackle high hills (25 degrees incline).

Safety & Ride Comfort

Some scooters have plastic wheels which compromises safety and comfort, as as they do not handle bumps/terrain well and have poor traction on wet/slippery surfaces. The Inokim comes with 10 inch pneumatic tires which handle bumps & potholes easily, and provide better traction on slippery surfaces, making your ride more comfortable and safe. The Inokim comes with rear disc/front caliper brakes, which allows for more security and control in handling the scooter.

Portable/Foldable Design

The Inokim weighs just 14.5kg and can be folded within seconds for easy storage or carrying around.

Check out the official video, featuring designer and founder Nimrod Sapir. Classy and cutting edge.

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