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Inlinex skating showcase 2015!

Inlinex was invited to a skating showcase at MyVillage for eZoo Music Festival recently! It was a night of great music, people and performances.

Our team of highly skilled instructors and avid skaters joined to put together a series of impressive performances. Armed with their skates and electrifying moves, they can't help but stop people in their tracks to take a video or two.



Besides the slick moves they made it seemed so easy, one highlight of the night was the skating jump made over two people who laid the ground for this thrilling act.


Our instructors has since gained more experience through this event and the show ended with a dazzled audience. We even received a couple of new sign ups for our skating lessons!

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Night Skate @ Punggol Park

We just held a night skating event at Punggol Park, one of our training grounds. On a lovely Saturday night, participation was maxed out with about 20 young skaters and a handful of instructors. After everyone gathered and geared up, they embarked on the mini-expedition around 8.30pm, buzzing with excitement.

The kids certainly had a lot of fun. Although some of them experienced flagging stamina during the journey, the instructors had their backs and gave them all the support and encouragement needed to finish the trail. And finish they did, in spectacular fashion! The little skaters covered a grand total of 6.4 km (going 3.2km each way), to the prawning area and back to our training area. It took about 45mins and everyone was back by 9.45pm.

Parents were very happy with the feat, because it gave the kids more exposure to a different kind of skating, over a longer distance than usual.

The lively little ones ended the night as exuberantly as it started, with a post-activity campfire-style song-and-dance off, also making the instructors perform and pull tricks for them after the event (which they happily obliged to).

What a night!

Check out photo album on our facebook page and a short post-activity video:

Night Skating @ Punggol Park

Post-activity fun from our recent night skating event @ Punggol Park!

Posted by Inlinex on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

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