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What is the secret to happy kids? Happy kids equals to happy parents!

Arc Gears, full protection for your kids, no more worries about getting hurt by staying active anymore!

Founded in 2008, ARC is a home-grown skating protective gear brand. ARC designs are often imitated because there are no other action sports brand specialized solely in producing protective gear for kids. Beside ensuring that the gear are comfortable and fitting, we make it more stylish and colourful than ever before. 

Today ARC delivers one of the best in modern protective equipment with a broad range of colours to suit every kid's preference. No matter the sport or style, choose an ARC gear to ensure maximum safety and comfort. Look through our product line for a more detailed explanation on why ARC gear are truly one of the best for your child. Do not take our word for it, feel it for yourself today.

Arc gear 3-piece set, includes knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. Arc gear features breathable fabric and additional padding for improved ventilation, abrasion prevention and impact absorption. Elbow and knee pads are slip-on with double straps to ensure a perfect fit. The hard shell's hourglass design allows for flexibility while providing superior impact reduction. Arc gear is made with premium quality plastics and fabrics, and sewn together with durable thread. 

Arc gear is your solution to protecting your children while they have fun doing sports like skating, cycling or skateboarding. 

ARC Kids Gear Pink

Why ARC gears?


Arc gear are made with Premium Quality plastics and fabrics. All parts are sewn together using durable thread to ensure that your arc gear withstands the test of time.

Premium Quality


Arc gear's hard shell is specially designed for greater flexibility. Hard shells give better impact reduction than soft shells, but often at the price of flexibility. Arc gear's hourglass design allows the hard shell to bend and flex, while providing superior impact reduction

Modern Design


Arc gear ensures improved ventilation through the use of breathable fabric. Additional padding works to minimize abrasions and absorb impact. A slip-on design and double straps ensure the best fit for you.

 Unbeatable Comfort

ARC Kids Gear Red

The best fit protective gear for children. No more loose and abrasive gear. ARC is by far the most comfortable and snug protective gear for your child. Great for outdoor use for kids when skating and cycling. Ensure your child's safety by getting a set for them. A set includes Wrist, Elbow and Knee Guards.

ARC, founded in 2008, is a home-grown protective gears brand created for both adults and children. Now, Arc gears have a wide array of colors and sizes; not only for kids, but for adults as well. With no other action sports brand that specialized on protective gears, ARC is one of its kind.

Although many may deem ARC Gears similar to that of many others, however, ARC Gears is above the numbers with better comfort, protection and fit for all ages. Sewn on with a breathable fabric and additional padding for improved ventilation, abrasion prevention and impact absorption.

ARC Gears has sizes XXS and XS, available for children from ages 3 to 12. And S/M and L/XL for the adults.

Today, ARC has one of the best in modern protective equipment. With their annual update to their bank of colors, and it is no exception for 2015. With the camouflage colors added to the family, you will be spoilt for choice.

Arc gears kids are now available in camo! 

 Arc Kids Gear (Camo Blue/Black)Arc Kids Gear (Camo Purple/Green)


These high quality protective gears are great and fully compatible with a wide variety of sports! From cycling, scooting, skateboarding to inline skating. Suitable for kids from age 3 -12 years. Arc gears kid fits well, comfortably and snugly, no more oversize or ill fitting gears that does not protect. Arc gears are also available in adult sizes.



No more crying kids, just happy kids and that means happy parents!


Get yours now at the Inlinex Skate shop and choose from two sizes, XXS or XS for kids age 3-7 and 6-12 years old with an assortment of colours at only $32! Adult arc gears come in two sizes S/M and M/L at $36, get yours online and or try it in stores!

Get the portable and space saving Micro maxi folding scooter at Inlinex!


Too big for the mini micro but still too small for the micro kickboards? Well then, welcome to the maxi micro Kids!


Maxi Micro Pink

Maxi Micro Blue

The maxi micro was developed, so that your children did not have to forego their accustomed mobility. Just like the mini micro it conveys a unique riding experience thanks to its special weight control and is ideal for going to school or for a stroll in town. The maxi micro comes in various trendy colours and the T-handlebars can be replaced with a stick with knobs.

  • AGE: Kids 5-12 years
  • MAX LOAD: 50kg
  • WHEEL SIZE: 120 mm
  • FOLDING: Collapsible
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Height-adjustable T-bar


Height-adjustable T-bar

The height adjustable t-bar accommodates well to the growth of your child to fit child of different ages.


Boost your child confidence by starting out with 3 solid wheels!

If your child has owned and loved the Mini Micro scooter then they will love the Maxi Micro scooter as it steers in the same way as a Mini Micro (a child leans in the direction they want to go). If this is their first scooter, then they will have more confidence in balancing with the 3 solid wheels compared to 2 wheeled scooters.


Easy folding, space saving, portable

This means the iconic Maxi Micro is now even easier to transport and store.  Folding flat makes it easier to pop the scooter in the car or to tuck it away somewhere safe and out of the way at home!

Here's a video on the tips and tricks of folding a micro maxi, it's simple and easy:



Micro maxi folding scooter is now available at Inlinex at $225, in two colors, blue and pink. What's not love about this portable, space saving and adjustable scooter, get yours now here!

Shop our full range of kids scooters here! Our online store now accepts international orders and provides shipping worldwide.

Hudora Skate Scooters from Germany finally here in stores

HUDORA has been the market leader in scooters and inline skates. In addition, our products offer safety tested at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. We are fed the trend and set new standards in product development and optimization.



- Portable (comes with shoulder strap)

- Lightweight (from 3.5 kg)

- At least 100kg capacity

- Rear friction brake

- Quick release handlebar

- Available for kids and adults


HUDORA 125, $130

The HUDORA Big Wheel with 125 mm wheels is made of high quality aluminium, with rugged 100-kg capacity and has a rear friction brake. The height-adjustable handlebar is locked with a quick release. With an ingeniously designed simple folding mechanism allows the scooter to be kept or simply carried around seamlessly.


  • High-quality aluminum
  • Rear friction brake
  • Heavy Duty folding mechanism
  • Foldable, of height adjustable handlebar 69-95 cm
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Stand
  • Reflectors on the handlebar and cover
  • Dimensions: length approximately 68 cm
  • Tread 30 x 11.2 cm
  • High rebound wheels 125 mm Ø made of cast PU, 87 A
  • Bearings ABEC 5, Chrome
  • User weight 100 kg
  • Scooter weight: 3.5 kg


HUDORA GS 205, $208 (U.P $260)

The stylish HUDORA GS 205 is finally here. With 205 mm wheels, it is even faster and more agile.  The scooter is made of high quality aluminium, equipped with rugged 100-kg capacity and a rear friction brake. The height-adjustable handlebar is locked with a quick release and a practical folding mechanism to carry the scooter around seamlessly. Inclusive. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, Extra-large high rebound wheels made of cast PU, 87A.

  • High-quality aluminum
  • Rear friction brake
  • Heavy Duty folding mechanism
  • Foldable, of height adjustable handlebar 79-104 cm
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Stand
  • Reflectors on the handlebar and cover
  • Dimensions: length approximately 88 cm
  • Tread approx 33 x 11.5 cm
  • High-rebound rolls 205 mm Ø made of cast PU, 87 A
  • Bearings ABEC 5, Chrome
  • User weight 100 kg
  • Scooter weight: 4.1 kg


HUDORA AIR 205, $320

The special HUDORA AIR 205 Big Wheel comes with pneumatic tires to ride over uneven terrain seamlessly. The AIR 205 can obtain high speed at great ride comfort and maximum safety.  This scooter is made with top quality, reinforced aluminium cover, secure rear friction brake and practical folding mechanism. With adjustable shoulder strap for a comfortable, easy transportation. A foot stand is installed for safe and easy parking. It is also equipped with anti-shock comfort handles and super large platform. The Bearings are ABEC 5 Chrome and has a maximum load of 120kg.


  • Extremely durable aluminium deck with reinforced wings
  • Pneumatic tires on aluminium wheels, 205 mm 
  • Comfortable front and rear mud flaps
  • Rear friction brake
  • Heavy Duty folding mechanism
  • Foldable, of height adjustable handlebar 85-105 cm
  • Anti-Shock comfort grips
  • Adjustable shoulder strap, stand
  • Reflectors on the handlebar and cover
  • Dimensions: length approximately 97 cm, width 41 cm handle
  • Extra Large platform 35 x 14 cm
  • Bearings ABEC 5, Chrome
  • User weight 120 kg
  • Scooter weight: 4 kg




Great fun for little novice riders. The HUDORA Flitzkids has two front wheels that enable juniors to start scooting at a younger age. It helps juniors develop confidence and balance during motion while having fun! Space-saving and easy to store thanks to a clever hinge folding mechanism. The height-extendable handle bar means your child can continue to ride it for years to come.


  • User weight: 50 kg
  • Scooter weight: approx. 2 kg
  • Foldable
  • Comfortable foam safety grips
  • 2 front wheels for easy balance
  • 1 rear wheel with high quality brake
  • Sturdy & durable deck
  • Deck surface with anti-slip grip tape
  • Wheels made of casted PU, with durable solid wheel-hubs
  • Front wheel 120 mm Ø
  • Rear wheel 100 mm Ø
  • Smooth ABEC 5 bearings
  • Measurements: approx. 59 x 28 x 66 cm
  • Handlebar’s height: approx. 66 cm
  • Foot space: approx. 29 x 11 cm


    HUDORA BOLD 230, $220

    The hip and cool comfort class scooter for adults. The lifestyle sports scooter from the popular series, Big Wheel Bold of HUDORA combine practical functionality with a cool design and excellent ride comfort. HUDORA Big Wheel Bold 230 comes with rear friction brake and the new patented folding mechanism "One Step Easy" to collapse the scooter instantly. Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap to make transport a breeze. Including foot stand for safe parking. A large wheel of 230 mm at the front, reinforced front fork and comfortably wide footboard makes the scooter everyone’s favourite. High rebound wheels made of cast PU, 82A. Bearings ABEC 7 Chrome. The scooter has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg.


    • High-quality aluminum
    • New, patented folding mechanism "ONE STEP EASY"
    • Extruded aluminum friction brake
    • with extended, replaceable dust control
    • Foldable, of height adjustable handlebar
    • 5 to 105 cm with tube liners
    • Adjustable shoulder strap
    • Stand
    • Dimensions: length approximately 92 cm
    • Extra wide and long deck about 58 x 15 cm
    • Tread approx 33 cm
    • High rebound wheels made of cast PU, 82 A
    • front 230 mm diameter x 33 mm
    • rear 180 mm Ø x 30 mm
    • Bearings ABEC 7 Chrome
    • PU heavy-duty wheel
    • User weight 100 kg



    HUDORA STYLE 230, $260

     The special HUDORA Big Wheel comes with cool optics and exclusive special equipment! The Style 230 is known for high speed at great ride comfort and maximum safety. It has anti-shock comfort grips, warning bell and reinforced aluminium cover to make the ride as comfortable as possible. Another highlight is the extruded rear friction brake, specially developed for the Style 230. The scooter is simply practical - for the trip to the office, for sports or for small errands. The style 230 folds easily and very portable with the adjustable shoulder strap. A double-foot stand for safe parking is installed under the deck. The unique large full-PU wheels (front 230 mm, rear 205 mm) comes with chrome ball bearings ABEC 5. The handlebar is adjustable in height. With a maximum user weight of 120 kg , the Style 230 is extremely durable.


  • Extremely durable aluminium deck with reinforced wings
  • PU cast wheels, 230 mm in front and 205 mm rear
  • Extruded rear friction brake
  • Heavy Duty folding mechanism
  • Foldable, of height adjustable handlebar 88 to 106.5 cm
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Anti-Shock comfort grips
  • Double-stand
  • Warning bell
  • Reflective Apps
  • Dimensions: length approximately 97 cm,
  • Handle width 44 cm
  • Extra Large platform 45 x 14 cm
  • Bearings ABEC 5, Chrome
  • User weight 120 kg

    Here's a video of the Hudora Scooters from Germany:

    Extremely convenient, lightweight and portable.

    The Hudora Scooters, kids and adults are available in stores and online from SGD130 at Inlinex skate shop. Get yours now!

    Night Skate @ Punggol Park

    We just held a night skating event at Punggol Park, one of our training grounds. On a lovely Saturday night, participation was maxed out with about 20 young skaters and a handful of instructors. After everyone gathered and geared up, they embarked on the mini-expedition around 8.30pm, buzzing with excitement.

    The kids certainly had a lot of fun. Although some of them experienced flagging stamina during the journey, the instructors had their backs and gave them all the support and encouragement needed to finish the trail. And finish they did, in spectacular fashion! The little skaters covered a grand total of 6.4 km (going 3.2km each way), to the prawning area and back to our training area. It took about 45mins and everyone was back by 9.45pm.

    Parents were very happy with the feat, because it gave the kids more exposure to a different kind of skating, over a longer distance than usual.

    The lively little ones ended the night as exuberantly as it started, with a post-activity campfire-style song-and-dance off, also making the instructors perform and pull tricks for them after the event (which they happily obliged to).

    What a night!

    Check out photo album on our facebook page and a short post-activity video:

    Night Skating @ Punggol Park

    Post-activity fun from our recent night skating event @ Punggol Park!

    Posted by Inlinex on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

    Indoor Skate Camp (March 2015)

    We've just wrapped up an energetic week of our ever-popular Indoor Skate Camp!



    A five-day inline skating course for beginners, covering all the essentials you'll need to find your skating feet.
    When Three times a year during the school holiday periods: in March, June and November. The sessions last 1.5 hours each. Session slots are in the morning, afternoon and evening daily.


    Our Riverwalk (Clarke Quay) indoor skating rink and retail space. It's fully air-conditioned, keeping everyone comfy and fresh during lessons, rain or shine.

    For 5 days, a bunch of earnest younglings trooped into the store nice and early (those who registered for the earliest slot at 10:30am) to gear up and have a crash course in inline skating basics. Usually our store opens to public at 12nn, so this was a lively start to the day for us.

    The parents, meanwhile, huddled about to snap photos and watch the lessons. Parents are welcome to stay, although it can get a bit crowded. But no worries, over the next few days, the number of parents staying through the whole session dwindles.

    At first, the little skating padawans set firmly on the astroturf for the essential steps: learning how to stand up and sit down, and proper skating posture.

    Nope, the "gong xi fa cai" pose is not a leftover from the recent CNY, but to prevent them from flailing their arms haplessly and losing balance. Which people tend to do instinctively.

    As they progress, the ones who are ready to roll (literally) will move out to the next zone, while our instructors continue to aid the ones who need more time.

    Parents, don't worry if your child spends the first day in the grass! They always catch up soon enough, and it's important that everyone grasps the basics in the order taught, so they won't develop bad skating habits. That's more difficult to correct later, so getting it right early on is the best.

    Also, it may be useful to note that all INLINEX lessons are Results Guaranteed (if not we will redo the course, on a weekend at the same location until he/she learns to move and stop, absolutely free)!

    And away they go, rolling around in a circuit to work on their technique. Lots of falling is to be expected. It's normal! They learn how to fall safely and recover. As our instructors like to say: if you don't fall at least once, you're not learning.

    The kids have a lot of fun, sometimes focusing quietly, sometimes giving tips to their siblings and new friends. They're all progressing nicely and have found their skating feet. The next few lessons will hone their technique further.

    Our instructor-to-student ratio is kept low, about 1:5. This way, there are always enough of our dedicated instructors to go around, ensuring that each student has enough attention and can progress their learning at a good pace.

    Before we know it, the session is over and it's time for a debrief!

    For more information on our Skate Camp, follow our facebook page for updates! The upcoming one will be in June, and the details are all finalized. Click here for Skate Camp (June 2015).

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