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Inline Skating Lessons: Weekends at Punggol Park

We gotta admit, the name's a tad misleading. 

Punggol Park is not exactly in Punggol, but was so named due to the history of the area. In fact, it is located a mere 15-minute walk from Hougang or Buangkok MRT station (click here for map).

The park sits in the middle of residential blocks, condos and schools; with scenic views and a vibrant yet leisurely atmosphere. Besides our inline skating lessons, it's a place with activities for the whole family, with something for both young and old to enjoy. Children can play together on the play equipment and adults can engage in tai chi at the plaza area. The shady trees provide a lush, cool area for families to picnic under, while bicycle tracks allow avid cyclists to enjoy a session of cycling with friends. 

The main feature is a large picturesque 5-hectare pond, with greenery aplenty and lots of amenities. Nearby noms include a food centre and Wild Oats, a lovely alfresco restaurant/bar/grill.

Our lessons are held amidst it all, by the waterside, with quite the growing handful of students. It's fun and lively, with the great quality and standards you can expect from Inlinex. Our instructors are highly passionate and qualified, and always put safety first. The students are in safe, seasoned hands. Should parents choose to sit back, chill out and watch the session, there are some seating options nearby.

Here, the students enjoy learning in a group setting in the sunny outdoors. Lesson timings are divided by level, so sessions are dedicated to students of similar skill sets, helping them get the best experience. Not only that, but all our lessons come with a results guarantee! If a student has not achieved standard competence by the end of the lessons, we will provide further lesson(s) at no extra cost.

As always, our popular 60-min trial lessons are fully free of charge, too. For trials, skates and gear will be provided.

Contact our friendly instructor to make a booking today!


 Location: Punggol Park, beside Nparks Office                                                                              
 Free Trial Timing: Saturday & Sunday. 10.30 – 11.30am, 1.30 – 2.30pm, 3 – 4pm, 4 – 5pm

     Timing (for beginner and level 1 – 4 , 8): Saturday & Sunday. 10.30am – 12.00pm, 1.30 – 3.00pm and 4.30 – 6.00pm

     Time (for level 5 - 7)Saturday & Sunday. 3 – 4pm 

       No of Lessons: up to 8
         Duration: 90 minutes per lesson

           Contact: Edward 8347 7144                                                                

          Indoor Skate Camp (March 2015)

          We've just wrapped up an energetic week of our ever-popular Indoor Skate Camp!



          A five-day inline skating course for beginners, covering all the essentials you'll need to find your skating feet.
          When Three times a year during the school holiday periods: in March, June and November. The sessions last 1.5 hours each. Session slots are in the morning, afternoon and evening daily.


          Our Riverwalk (Clarke Quay) indoor skating rink and retail space. It's fully air-conditioned, keeping everyone comfy and fresh during lessons, rain or shine.

          For 5 days, a bunch of earnest younglings trooped into the store nice and early (those who registered for the earliest slot at 10:30am) to gear up and have a crash course in inline skating basics. Usually our store opens to public at 12nn, so this was a lively start to the day for us.

          The parents, meanwhile, huddled about to snap photos and watch the lessons. Parents are welcome to stay, although it can get a bit crowded. But no worries, over the next few days, the number of parents staying through the whole session dwindles.

          At first, the little skating padawans set firmly on the astroturf for the essential steps: learning how to stand up and sit down, and proper skating posture.

          Nope, the "gong xi fa cai" pose is not a leftover from the recent CNY, but to prevent them from flailing their arms haplessly and losing balance. Which people tend to do instinctively.

          As they progress, the ones who are ready to roll (literally) will move out to the next zone, while our instructors continue to aid the ones who need more time.

          Parents, don't worry if your child spends the first day in the grass! They always catch up soon enough, and it's important that everyone grasps the basics in the order taught, so they won't develop bad skating habits. That's more difficult to correct later, so getting it right early on is the best.

          Also, it may be useful to note that all INLINEX lessons are Results Guaranteed (if not we will redo the course, on a weekend at the same location until he/she learns to move and stop, absolutely free)!

          And away they go, rolling around in a circuit to work on their technique. Lots of falling is to be expected. It's normal! They learn how to fall safely and recover. As our instructors like to say: if you don't fall at least once, you're not learning.

          The kids have a lot of fun, sometimes focusing quietly, sometimes giving tips to their siblings and new friends. They're all progressing nicely and have found their skating feet. The next few lessons will hone their technique further.

          Our instructor-to-student ratio is kept low, about 1:5. This way, there are always enough of our dedicated instructors to go around, ensuring that each student has enough attention and can progress their learning at a good pace.

          Before we know it, the session is over and it's time for a debrief!

          For more information on our Skate Camp, follow our facebook page for updates! The upcoming one will be in June, and the details are all finalized. Click here for Skate Camp (June 2015).

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