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Looking for a way to pass through the busy morning crowd?

Why not try an electric scooter today!


We carry brands such as Inokim Quick 2 (previously called MyWay) and Zoom Air 2. With these two domineering brands in the market, they have different specifications catered for each and every one of you.


Inokim Quick 2

Available in two different battery sizes (9mAh, 18mAh), the Inokim Quick 2 has a wider deck and a heavier rider capacity. With 10 inch pneumatic tires and suspensions to its front and rear wheels, the Quick 2 allows you to have a smoother ride along the pavements of Singapore. Equip with V-brakes and disc brakes, this scooter’s braking system is very similar to that of your motorcycles. With digital display (battery, speed, and distance travelled indicators) and a bell, Inokim Quick 2 is equipped with almost everything needed for your everyday travel.



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Zoom Air 2


Also available in two different battery sizes (6.5mAh, 8.5mAh), the Zoom Air 2 is the lightest electrical scooter around (till date). With 10 inch natural rubber tires and suspensions to its front and rear wheels, similar to that of a car, the Zoom Air 2 allows you to wheeze your way around Singapore. Equip with regenerative braking system, the motor converts all kinetic energy to potential energy every time you break. Means more travelling distance for you! With digital display (battery, speed, and distance travelled indicators) horn and light, Zoom Air 2 is equipped with almost everything needed for your everyday travel.


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Don't just hear it from us, try it out yourself today! Come on down to our shops here to give it a test drive NOW.


MyWay Electric Scooter, the original version of the Inokim

The award-winning MyWay Electric Scooter has landed in-store!

The MyWay Electric Scooter is a personal, compact, light electric vehicle which allows you to travel anywhere within a 25-30km range without breaking a sweat on one battery charge. To put this in perspective, Singapore is only 50km across from east to west. This means you'll have more than enough juice for a few rides, before having to plug in and recharge. The battery indicator is right up front by the handles, so you never have to worry about abruptly running flat. And even in such a situation, in manual mode the wheels are super smooth and resistance free.

We took it for a ride and it's addictively fast, powerful, and silky smooth — humming along with a satisfying vroooom at the touch of a button. The response is immediate: you feel the machine spring to life like it's part of you. It requires no kick-off, starting up with a jolt-free glide. The acceleration is pressure sensitive, so you can hold the button down harder/longer to reach full throttle. It certainly lives up to its reputation.

Recently, what with the ballooning population and strained public transport in Singapore, there's been rapid growth in the alternative urban commute market, and what's known as "last-mile" commuting. For those of us seeking alternatives for short to medium journeys, who don't want to wait around and squeeze on public transport, products like the MyWay are ideal. These also give you the opportunity to take in the sights in style, instead of cramming with the rest of the crowd. If you manage to hop on the MRT when it's not too full, you could fold it up and take it with you, perhaps for that last stretch where you'd normally have to catch a bus. Or vice versa. It weighs 14.5kg, which is light enough for manoeuvring onto buses and trains.

Besides urban commute, it is also great for long leisurely cruises. You could ride along the Singapore River, heartland park connectors or scenic places like Punggol Waterway. The MyWay is also tough enough to venture beyond the concrete jungle, with its large wheels handling bumps with ease, and powerful motor giving that extra oomph for steeper hills. Up to 25º inclines are no problem for the MyWay, a capability often lacking in other electric scooters.


Designed and developed in Israel by Nimrod Sapir, it is an award-winning product that is now released into the mass market after 4 years of R&D and field testing under different rugged conditions. There is no other kick scooter like it in the market. Smooth in both manual and electric mode, the MyWay is truly made for the hard knocks of the roads, and designed to stand out amongst the hippest neighborhoods.


The MyWay is capable of traveling for long distances (25~30km, depending on usage conditions) on one charge of its lithium ion battery and can carry a load of up to 120kg. It is capable of traveling at a top speed of 25km/h at the simple press of a button, and has an incredibly strong motor enabling it to tackle high hills (25 degrees incline).

Safety & Ride Comfort

Other scooters have plastic wheels which compromises safety and comfort, as as they do not handle bumps/terrain well and have poor traction on wet/slippery surfaces. The MyWay comes with 10 inch pneumatic tires which handle bumps & potholes easily, and provide better traction on slippery surfaces, making your ride more comfortable and safe. The MyWay comes with rear disc/front caliper brakes, which allows for more security and control in handling the scooter.

Portable/Foldable Design

The MyWay weighs just 14.5kg and can be folded within seconds for easy storage or carrying around.

But you don't have to take our word for it! Check out the independent review of the MyWay by SPIN Asia, Singapore's premier cycling publication. Or the independent review by Techie Lobang, Singapore's favourite tech blog.

Gone are the days when scooters were thought of as child's play. This is the future, and the MyWay Electric Scooter is one seriously premium ride for the savvy adult.

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