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INOKIM light the fastest and lightest scooters are now in stores!

INOKIM light the fastest and lightest scooters are now in stores!

Following the successful launch of the Quick model comes the beautifully designed Inokim Light. Built with a compact 12kg streamline body and smaller 8.5" tires for practicality and style, the INOKIM light folds effortlessly for a quick carry. The light provides portability, yet the same feeling of comfort and ruggedness, as loved by riders of the Quick. The Light's cabling has been cleverly designed to be concealed within the body, giving it a sleek outlook. It is the ultimate personal vehicle for urban commuters who desire an alternative to walking that last-mile.






Two versions available:

  • Normal Version: 20-25KM travelling distance per charge.
  • Extended Battery Version: 30-35KM Traveling distance per charge. (Additional $150)

Detailed Specifications:

  • Transmission: 36V 8.5 inch Brushless Hub motor
  • Battery: Li-Ion 36V 8Ah/10.4 Ah
  • Weight: 12/13 kg
  • Charge time: 4-5 hrs for full charge
  • Top Speed: Configurable between 17 and 25 km/h
  • Top Range: 20/30 km
  • Braking System: Rear drum brakes
  • Loading Capacity: 100 kg
  • Tires: 8.5 inch pneumatic tires front and rear
  • Accessories: LCD Display, Bell





The INOKIM light is available in 5 colors, online and in stores from $1599, limited stock are available, get yours now before it runs out! Come down for a test drive at our stores, The Riverwalk (Flagship), MyVillage, Tampines mall.

Grab a pair of micro handle grips for your scooters now at Inlinex!

Micro handle grips

Handle grips are suitable for either the G-Bike+, Mini Micro or Maxi Micro. They are sold as a pair and are available in the following choice of colours: green, pink, orange, purple, black, yellow or blue. Why not change the look of your scooter, by adding a fresh new colour.





Micro Handle Grip





Micro handle grips are compatible with these scooters

How to replace the handle grips on your Original Mini Micro scooter

To get the old handle grips off – you may need a bit of muscle.  You should be able to simply twist and pull them off.  However we also have some tricks if muscle isn’t enough…You can cut the old handle grips off (carefully!) with scissors. To put new handle grips on simply twist and push on to the handlebar.

Alternatively, spray the inside of the new grip/s with a small squirt of hairspray!  This helps the grip to slide on to the handle grip and then acts like a glue to keep them in place.

Watch this video to see how to replace your micro handle grips. It takes only a few easy steps.


Grab these micro scooter handle grips available in a range of colors at only $20 available in store.

Globber 4-in-1 my free scooter now at Inlinex!

Designed for the youngest riders, My FREE is ideal to develop balance and help your child learn to ride and master the scooter, with its low foot board, steering lock, the height-adjustable handlebars and power-assisted steering. MY FREE can be fitted with a seat and transforms into a scooter/balance bicycle for children from 15 months. Just add the stick/handle and Mum can guide or push her child on MY FREE from 12 months.



  • brand of France
  • distinctive two-tone high quality design
  • 4 modes:
  • Pram-walker with height adjustable seat (for rider from 12 months old)
  • walker with height adjustable seat (for rider from 15 months old)
  • 3 wheel scooter
  • 3 wheel scooter with extended handle bar
  • tilt-to-steer system develops child's confidence in lateral balance
  • for ages 3 to max rider weight 50 kg
  • lockable steering to assist child's learning
  • adjustable handle bar height: 67.5cm to 77.5cm
  • lower deck height than other 3-wheel scooters in the market: more stability
  • durable plastic deck
  • tear-proof handle grips



    Scooter age guide


    • Wheels: 121mm front / 80mm rear high rebound PU
    • Bearings: ABEC5
    • max rider weight:
    • 20kg in walker mode
    • 50 kg in 3 wheel scooter mode: Scooter, Balance bike, Push bike(guided by another person)


    Safe learning

    Steering lock button on front of deck (safe and simple handling) for steering locking system to make learning easier.


    Adjustable and practical

    Height adjustable T-BAR handlebar which can be adjusted to 3 height positions as the child grows.



    X-CROSS deck design, strengthens the deck structure and improves directional turning performance to the T-BAR handlebar.

    User comfort

    Low deck for better stability which improves the child’s performance. Less tiredness means longer riding times.


    Ergonomics of the handles

    Handlebar grips made from durable, dual-injection material, for better comfort and more resistance.


    Safety and life span

    Long and covered rear brake which allows better braking performance while preserving the back wheel.


    Assisted steering

    The directional pivots (supports on the front wheels) are mounted on ball bearings for easier assisted steering.

    Quality of equipment

    2 x 121mm front wheels, and 1 x 80mm rear wheel in transparent HQ (high quality) and HR (high rebound) PU (polyurethane), with nylon cores, rolling on high quality ABEC 5 608ZZ bearings.

    Deck finishing

    Monochromatic with 2 finishing tones (matte or translucent).

    Design and identity

    Revolutionary, stylish and smooth.



    Get the Globber 4-in-1 scooter for kids now at $199 in stores or online!

    Looking for a way to pass through the busy morning crowd?

    Why not try an electric scooter today!


    We carry brands such as Inokim Quick 2 (previously called MyWay) and Zoom Air 2. With these two domineering brands in the market, they have different specifications catered for each and every one of you.


    Inokim Quick 2

    Available in two different battery sizes (9mAh, 18mAh), the Inokim Quick 2 has a wider deck and a heavier rider capacity. With 10 inch pneumatic tires and suspensions to its front and rear wheels, the Quick 2 allows you to have a smoother ride along the pavements of Singapore. Equip with V-brakes and disc brakes, this scooter’s braking system is very similar to that of your motorcycles. With digital display (battery, speed, and distance travelled indicators) and a bell, Inokim Quick 2 is equipped with almost everything needed for your everyday travel.



    Read more here:


    Get yours here:





    Zoom Air 2


    Also available in two different battery sizes (6.5mAh, 8.5mAh), the Zoom Air 2 is the lightest electrical scooter around (till date). With 10 inch natural rubber tires and suspensions to its front and rear wheels, similar to that of a car, the Zoom Air 2 allows you to wheeze your way around Singapore. Equip with regenerative braking system, the motor converts all kinetic energy to potential energy every time you break. Means more travelling distance for you! With digital display (battery, speed, and distance travelled indicators) horn and light, Zoom Air 2 is equipped with almost everything needed for your everyday travel.


    Read more here:

    Get yours here:



    Don't just hear it from us, try it out yourself today! Come on down to our shops here to give it a test drive NOW.


    Get the portable and space saving Micro maxi folding scooter at Inlinex!


    Too big for the mini micro but still too small for the micro kickboards? Well then, welcome to the maxi micro Kids!


    Maxi Micro Pink

    Maxi Micro Blue

    The maxi micro was developed, so that your children did not have to forego their accustomed mobility. Just like the mini micro it conveys a unique riding experience thanks to its special weight control and is ideal for going to school or for a stroll in town. The maxi micro comes in various trendy colours and the T-handlebars can be replaced with a stick with knobs.

    • AGE: Kids 5-12 years
    • MAX LOAD: 50kg
    • SCOOTER WEIGHT: 2.5kg
    • WHEEL SIZE: 120 mm
    • FOLDING: Collapsible
    • SPECIAL FEATURES: Height-adjustable T-bar


    Height-adjustable T-bar

    The height adjustable t-bar accommodates well to the growth of your child to fit child of different ages.


    Boost your child confidence by starting out with 3 solid wheels!

    If your child has owned and loved the Mini Micro scooter then they will love the Maxi Micro scooter as it steers in the same way as a Mini Micro (a child leans in the direction they want to go). If this is their first scooter, then they will have more confidence in balancing with the 3 solid wheels compared to 2 wheeled scooters.


    Easy folding, space saving, portable

    This means the iconic Maxi Micro is now even easier to transport and store.  Folding flat makes it easier to pop the scooter in the car or to tuck it away somewhere safe and out of the way at home!

    Here's a video on the tips and tricks of folding a micro maxi, it's simple and easy:



    Micro maxi folding scooter is now available at Inlinex at $225, in two colors, blue and pink. What's not love about this portable, space saving and adjustable scooter, get yours now here!

    Shop our full range of kids scooters here! Our online store now accepts international orders and provides shipping worldwide.

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