Top Skates to buy below SGD200

Top Skates to buy below SGD200

During the Covid-19, many people are going out to exercise. And after running for 2 weeks, people are starting to realize that running is taking a toll on the knees. 

Inline skating has become popular again due to this. So many people want to ease back in to the sport without burning a big hole in the pocket. Also, most are also unsure about the duration of interest in the sport. So here is the top 10 skates (not in any type of sequence) that will fit right into your budget without having to compromise on budget.

The Zetrablade is lightweight and comfortable straight out of the box. The reason why this model is so popular is because of the fit and the user friendliness. It has extra support on the ankles to help you skate better.

K2 leads the way with soft boot technology. The Fit and Alexis 80 is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and it is extremely comfortable. The comfort alone makes skating fun and painless.

Another K2 model. Probably the lightest skates on the list. Great roll time and easy to skate with. Comfort again is one of the best in the market. Price is also one of the cheapest on the list. 

Powerslide is becoming an important brand across all genres of skating. This beginner model is not exactly beginner. It has a aluminium frame to increase speed and power. Furthermore, this model is really low to the ground to increase stability. The most customisable skates on the list.

The cheapest hard boot skate in the list. Hard boot give more protection to the ankles and give skaters more options of skating disciplines. The Zoom one 80 is great for point A to B skating too. The price is really good too. Does not come with brakes.

Okay, this pair is a little bit above $200.00 but it has to make the list. Low to the ground and great bearings makes skating enjoyable. It comes with aluminium frame too. 

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