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Where to Inline Skate in Singapore

Posted by Adam Choong on

The safest and longest distance route to skate in Singapore.

Singapore is probably one of the best city to skate. Although the country is small, they have a series of park connectors that link smooth and flat roads together where you can skate long distances and away from cars. Here are the park connectors:

The Central Loop

Distance: 40km

Skater Level: Beginner onwards

Eastern Coastal Loop

Distance: 52km

Skater Level: Intermediate onwards

Northern Explorer Loop

Distance 36km

Skater Level: Beginner onwards

Northern Eastern Riverine Loop

Distance: 23km

Skater Level: Beginner onwards

Western Adventure Loop

Distance: 30km

Skater Level: Intermediate onwards

What type of skates and equipment should you use for a urban long distance skating session?

We recommend hard boot skates, large wheels (110 - 125mm) and a metal one piece (Extruded) frame. For a guide on buying skates, please read here. We also highly recommend a helmet for anyone who wants to skate this route. Be sure to pack a bottle of water and bring along your skate tool. 


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