Why Inline Skating Is The Best Sport For Children And Adults

Why Inline Skating Is The Best Sport For Children And Adults

Best Sport to Burn Calories

The holiday season is ending soon, surely people have a lot of activities in their minds that popularly includes running, swimming and cycling to shed off the extra calories put on during the many festive meals. Gyms will be booming with people too. While these conventional sporting activities are effective, it is hard to motivate yourself to do it weekly because of many reasons. Gym membership are expensive and there is an apparent lack of privacy. Running is a great way to lose calories, but the workout is usually short and furthermore, the recovery time is longer. For a non-seasoned runner, the knees and ankles will feel sore due to pressure placed on the joints. Swimming is great workout with little impact on the joints but not everybody has a pool or lives near one. Cycling is great too but portability is an issue.

This is why Inline Skating is growing in popularity for both adults and children in Singapore. The main reason is that it is so fun and the speed is exhilarating. Like running, inline skating gives you the exact workout without the negative effects like joint impact. Inline skating engages your full body and a good 1 hour workout will help you burn upwards of 500 calories.

The best time to burn calories is when you pick up a new sport. Do you know that a new skaters will burn more calories than a seasoned skater even when they are doing the same thing. While learning skating, you will be subconsciously using every muscles in your body to balance yourself, even muscles that were never triggered before.

Great of the Family

It is great sport for the whole family. Children as young as 4 years old can start skating and it helps to improve a child’s motor skill and enhance limp eye coordination too. Skates unlike bicycles are easily transportable.

History of Inline Skates

Inline skates were initially an alternate for ice skating. Most professional skaters will train on rollers during summer. The sport soon evolved and it became one of the most popular novelty sport in the market. Inline skating can become your baseline if you want to learn quad roller skating and ice skating too.

Signing up for Inline Skating Lessons

If you are looking for skating lessons, you can sign up with Inlinex. We guarantee results for anyone above 5 years old. After 4 lessons, you will be able to move and stop on skates. If you are unable to do these guaranteed skills, Inlinex will redo the course absolutely free of charge.

Buying Inline Skates

Using the correct pair of roller blades is also important. A poor pair of skates might injure you, make you lose interest quickly and make learning difficult. Shop with Inlinex to ensure that you buy the correct skates. Factors like height, weight, width of foot and arch requires different kind of skates. At Inlinex, we ensure you buy 1 pair of skates to last you for the next 5 years.

Start Skating Today

So, if you and your kids are planning on starting your inline skating journey, then start training by wearing a good pair of inline skates and you will enjoy the benefits soon enough. You can learn the other stunts on other roller blades too after becoming comfortable on skates. Discipline skating, speed skating and marathon skating can bring your work-out to the next level.

Buy your skating gear with Inlinex today and enjoy great prices and service. If you want to kick start it quicker, sign up for a free trial lesson with us.

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