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Top Skates to buy below SGD200

Top Skates to buy below SGD200

During the Covid-19, many people are going out to exercise. And after running for 2 weeks, people are starting to realize that running is taking a toll on the knees. 

Inline skating has become popular again due to this. So many people want to ease back in to the sport without burning a big hole in the pocket. Also, most are also unsure about the duration of interest in the sport. So here is the top 10 skates (not in any type of sequence) that will fit right into your budget without having to compromise on budget.

The Zetrablade is lightweight and comfortable straight out of the box. The reason why this model is so popular is because of the fit and the user friendliness. It has extra support on the ankles to help you skate better.

K2 leads the way with soft boot technology. The Fit and Alexis 80 is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and it is extremely comfortable. The comfort alone makes skating fun and painless.

Another K2 model. Probably the lightest skates on the list. Great roll time and easy to skate with. Comfort again is one of the best in the market. Price is also one of the cheapest on the list. 

Powerslide is becoming an important brand across all genres of skating. This beginner model is not exactly beginner. It has a aluminium frame to increase speed and power. Furthermore, this model is really low to the ground to increase stability. The most customisable skates on the list.

The cheapest hard boot skate in the list. Hard boot give more protection to the ankles and give skaters more options of skating disciplines. The Zoom one 80 is great for point A to B skating too. The price is really good too. Does not come with brakes.

Okay, this pair is a little bit above $200.00 but it has to make the list. Low to the ground and great bearings makes skating enjoyable. It comes with aluminium frame too. 

Buying Powerslide Next 80 Core Skates

Buying Powerslide Next 80 Core Skates

 Review of the Next 80 Core by Powerslide.

Cheap Shipping from Japan to Singapore

Just last month, we had a consignment from Japan but we could not find a cheap forwarder to help us arrange a shipment to our address in Singapore. Our box dimension weight was 31kg. The cheapest rate we got was $255.00 from a shipper in Singapore. However, we diligently searched and hustled for the best rate of $160.00 by Fedex and the package got to us in 3 working days! 

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How to Ship Overseas with INLINEX

Who Should Use our International Shipping Service

  • Small store owners who do not have enough volume to get special rates but still need to fulfill overseas order
  • Anybody outside Singapore who needs a shipper to send their purchase to them
  • Anybody with a package to ship to an address overseas

Who should NOT Use our International Shipping Service

  • Anybody with package classified under dangerous cargo. Please visit here to see what is classified under dangerous cargo.
  • Someone looking for sea shipment

What you need to know about Shipping Overseas

  • All package must be squarish or rectangular
  • We will take either the package actual weight or dimension weight whichever is heavier
  • To calculate dimension weight, take Height x Width x Depth and divide it by 5000.

  • We can arrange a pick up anywhere in Singapore without additional cost
  • You will deal directly with the shipping company for any query once Waybill is created.
  • Please provide accurate measurements and weight for us to arrange the pick up.
  • The courier has the right to reject your package if the measurements are not correct and there will be extra admin charge of 20% the shipping cost to rearrange the shipment.
  • Payment can only be made by PayNow or Bank Transfer

We only use trusted shipping companies

  • Fedex
  • UPS
  • SF Express
  • TNT
  • DHL

Trade in your used Decathlon Skates

Trade in your Decathlon Skates

Start Rolling Better and Faster

Decathlon is a great place to buy cheap inline skates that are of relatively good quality. Many buying skates for the first time will try out the sport with a pair of skates from Decathlon. 

Your Appetite for Speed will Increase

After skating a while on your Decathlon skates, you will start to realize its limitations. The most glaring problem is the roll time on the skates. Skaters on the road are swooshing past you with minimal effort. You try your very best to skate faster but no matter how hard you push, the skater in front of you just keeps getting further away.

You Need More Ankle Support

Trying to skate faster also reveals another glaring problem. Your feet in the skates keep slipping towards the outer sides. You always feel like the skates are caving outwards. This is evident when you are learning new tricks that your friends are working on too. 

You keep hearing Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade

When your friends or instructors are telling you to upgrade your skates, maybe it is really time you heed their advice. Bring your decathlon skates and we will accept trade in at fixed prices regardless of condition. See the Price List:


PLAY 3 - $10

PLAY 5 - $15

FIT 3 - $20

FIT 5 - $25


FIT 3 - $20

FIT 100 - $25

FIT 500 - $30

MF 500 - $40

FREERIDE 3 - $25

*Amended 29 Jan 2020

I want to upgrade my Decathlon Skates but it's not on the list

Just send us an image of the skates you have on hand and we will advise you on the price. You can send them via WhatsApp to +658123 3425

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