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Why Inline Skating Is The Best Sport For Children And Adults

Best Sport to Burn Calories

The holiday season is ending soon, surely people have a lot of activities in their minds that popularly includes running, swimming and cycling to shed off the extra calories put on during the many festive meals. Gyms will be booming with people too. While these conventional sporting activities are effective, it is hard to motivate yourself to do it weekly because of many reasons. Gym membership are expensive and there is an apparent lack of privacy. Running is a great way to lose calories, but the workout is usually short and furthermore, the recovery time is longer. For a non-seasoned runner, the knees and ankles will feel sore due to pressure placed on the joints. Swimming is great workout with little impact on the joints but not everybody has a pool or lives near one. Cycling is great too but portability is an issue.

This is why Inline Skating is growing in popularity for both adults and children in Singapore. The main reason is that it is so fun and the speed is exhilarating. Like running, inline skating gives you the exact workout without the negative effects like joint impact. Inline skating engages your full body and a good 1 hour workout will help you burn upwards of 500 calories.

The best time to burn calories is when you pick up a new sport. Do you know that a new skaters will burn more calories than a seasoned skater even when they are doing the same thing. While learning skating, you will be subconsciously using every muscles in your body to balance yourself, even muscles that were never triggered before.

Great of the Family

It is great sport for the whole family. Children as young as 4 years old can start skating and it helps to improve a child’s motor skill and enhance limp eye coordination too. Skates unlike bicycles are easily transportable.

History of Inline Skates

Inline skates were initially an alternate for ice skating. Most professional skaters will train on rollers during summer. The sport soon evolved and it became one of the most popular novelty sport in the market. Inline skating can become your baseline if you want to learn quad roller skating and ice skating too.

Signing up for Inline Skating Lessons

If you are looking for skating lessons, you can sign up with Inlinex. We guarantee results for anyone above 5 years old. After 4 lessons, you will be able to move and stop on skates. If you are unable to do these guaranteed skills, Inlinex will redo the course absolutely free of charge.

Buying Inline Skates

Using the correct pair of roller blades is also important. A poor pair of skates might injure you, make you lose interest quickly and make learning difficult. Shop with Inlinex to ensure that you buy the correct skates. Factors like height, weight, width of foot and arch requires different kind of skates. At Inlinex, we ensure you buy 1 pair of skates to last you for the next 5 years.

Start Skating Today

So, if you and your kids are planning on starting your inline skating journey, then start training by wearing a good pair of inline skates and you will enjoy the benefits soon enough. You can learn the other stunts on other roller blades too after becoming comfortable on skates. Discipline skating, speed skating and marathon skating can bring your work-out to the next level.

Buy your skating gear with Inlinex today and enjoy great prices and service. If you want to kick start it quicker, sign up for a free trial lesson with us.

Best Urban Fitness Inline Skates

Best Urban Fitness Inline Skates

What is an urban fitness skate? Urban fitness skates are skates that are fast and agile. They offer better support on the ankles and it comes with short frame but large wheels. Conventional fitness speed skates has extremely long frames that makes it hard to cut corners in our urban landscape. Therefore, urban fitness skates are gaining in popularity fast!

Want to burn the calories? An average 80kg person will burn 600 Calories skating a distance of 12km in an hour. Skating 12km/h is pretty easy it is not as tiring as running. Also, it does not put too much pressure on the joints too. 

Base on the above calculation, in order to burn more calories in an hour, you will need to cover a longer distance, make sense? 

Here are the list of skates we recommend to get you moving faster and covering a lot more distance in that hour. Updated May 2019

Powerslide Swell 125 City

Powerslide Swell Black City 125 Triskates have a classic black and yellow color combination, bursting with the latest in innovation. Short trinity mount magnesium frames (10") are incredibly agile and light. The result is less fatigue, and the ablity to skate tighter city streets with ease.

Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser 125

Powerslide Megacruiser 125 Skates 2019 have become one of the world's most popular urban skates (also good for cross-training). Large 125mm wheels on a short triskate frames, make them fast but easy to skate. Pure adrenaline and pure fun! The supportive hard shell boot is vented on all sides, and provides great response. The hard boot also makes balancing a lot easier! The 2019 version glows in the dark too!

Powerslide Next 110 Supercruiser

Powerslide NEXT Blackout 110 Skates look incredible in all black. At 110mm, it can skate distance, but also has the strength and response to take on slides, stairs and jumps

Powerslide Kaze SC Trinity

The Powerslide Kaze Trinity Supercruiser 110 Skates enhance control and allow you to carve in, out and through the streets with a perfect mix of speed and mobility. Highly responsive Kaze Boots provide a firm fit that skilled skaters will enjoy, and are paired with Trinity mount frames to make skating with the Supercruiser faster and smoother than ever. 

Powerslide Next 125 Pro Megacruiser

Powerslide Next 125 Pro comes with a extremely supportive liner and cuff for maximum stability and control. Add in large 125mm wheels made in USA, this pair of skates is fast! Trinity mount keeps the CG low and the short frame allows quick turns and spins even with such large wheels.


Top Helmet for Kids


 We believe that Kids are just as important as adults when getting a helmet that can last for years to come.  We have listed a few helmets that can fit kids such as the Giro scamp; or active children from 5 and above such as the Giro Tremor and Bell sidetrack. 

1. Giro Tremor Helmet


A BIG HIT WITH LITTLE SHREDDERS - When every curb is a jump and every patch of dirt screams for a skid, the Tremor™ is there to keep smiles wide, even when temporary limits are found. Some of the best features from our adult line, like In-Mold construction and our acclaimed Roc Loc® Sport fit system, offer the versatility, comfort, and wide adjustability young riders need to ride confidently. And with plenty of fun color options to choose from, there's a perfect option to match the thrill of riding and the feeling of joy after that first ride, or lap around the pumptrack. 

Other colour Options available.

2. Bell Block Helmet


Street or dirt, the Block BMX and action sports helmet brings it. There’s plenty of coverage and a more head-hugging shape that’s curved in more at the back and sides. The result is a nicely contoured lid that fits securely and looks great too.

Other colour Options available.

3.Bell Sidetrack Helmet

BOLD AND BRIGHT Designed for 5 year olds and up, the Sidetrack Child features BellÍs allmountain shape with lower coverage on the rear of the head similar to the Stoker adult helmet in a pintsized package for little rippers. The readyforaction style, complete with a cool visor, gets young riders motivated to ride. The comfortable, secure ErgoDial fit system makes it quick and easy to get them going.

Other colour Options available.

4.Giro Scamp

The Scamp™ is packed with amazing features, including some of the same elements found in our best adult helmets, all in a smaller package designed to fit your child. The all new Roc Loc Jr. fit system with pinchguard buckle provides an easy way to fit your kid’s helmet quickly and securely. With a wide size range, your child can use this helmet as they grow from balance bikes to training wheels. The design is inspired by the adults’ Montaro / Montara, and since the Scamp™ is available in a range of kidfriendly colors and designs, your child will be excited to wear it every time they ride. For 2 years and above.

Other colour Options available.

Top Rollerblade for Kids

As parents, we know that it is important to get the most comfortable, affordable and durable inline skates for your child.  Listed down bellow are a few pairs of Children rollerblade that we recommend

Skates for Children 4 years and above



Thunder Skates


Rollerblade's mass market junior skates lands here. These skates are made so that everybody can enjoy the quality and safety a pair of Rollerblade offers at a fraction of the cost. The Thunder or ThunderG skates (G stands for Girls) is designed with a lower center of gravity for balance and control, incredible comfort, easy closure and it expands four sizes! It is also one of the lightest model in the market.




Don’t make a first skate the worst skate. Spitfire  or Spitfire G is designed with a lower center of gravity for balance and control, incredible comfort, easy closure and it expands four sizes!




Easy to use with laceless closure, comfortable and expands four sizes. Spitfire SL or SpitfireSL G is designed with a lower center of gravity for balance and control, incredible comfort, easy closure.




Powerslide Universe Adjustable Kids Skates comes in Red, Blue and Yellow; are durable enough for the street and cool enough for the rink. The hard shell design helps prolong the life of the skate so your child can get the most out of the 4 size expansion feature. The button and spring powered adjustment system make it easy to expand the skate shell and the neoprene toe box on the liner easily stretches to provide a snug fit no matter what size adjustment you are locked into.

Aluminum Stamped Frame, Powerslide Infinity 82A Wheels (Diameter dependent on skate size), Wicked ABEC7 Bearings, HABS Brake System



Top Selling Kick Scooters for Children

We have been receiving questions on a daily basis what scooters are great for kids of all ages. To make it easier for all, here is the list of best selling scooters in our stores for the different children age group.

Scooters for Infant / Baby (0-1 yrs old)

1. Micro Mini Kick 3 Deluxe

    The Micro Mini Kick 3 Deluxe is a Scooter that allows your child to seat and "walk the scooter".

    Parents love this because once the child grows, you can remove the seat and it becomes a 3 wheel kick scooter. It does not stop there, when the child grows taller, you can mount the adjustable T bar and it become a Micro Mini Deluxe Kids Scooter. In 2018, Micro added into the line of scooter the Micro Mini Deluxe Plus Kids Scooter for parents to help their babies to steer and balance better.


    Weight Limit: 20kg for seat and 35kg for standing.

    2. Micro Mini 2go Deluxe

    The Micro Mini 2go Deluxe has one of the widest seat among the other seated scooters. It also boast a mini storage space for toys and water bottles. The storage and seat can be removed and be transformed into a Micro Mini Deluxe Kids ScooterMicro added into the line of scooter the Micro Mini 2go Deluxe Plus Kids Scooter for parents to help their babies to steer and balance better.

    Weight Limit: 20kg for seat and 35kg for standing.

    3. Micro Trike

    The Micro Trike Makes tiresome pushing of the kiddes buggy along the aisles a thing of the past, because this shopping companion is foldable - making it extremely compact. Micro Trike is adaptable and can be simply hung on the shopping trolley or packed away in a rucksack. And not only mummy and daddy are delighted by the new shopping assistant – the kids will also enjoy the fun of a ride through the shops of the city.

    Weight Limit: 20kg for seat 

    Scooters for Toddler

    1. Micro Mini Deluxe

    The Micro Mini Deluxe is the household brand for kids scooter. It is the best seller because parents trust the brand and rightly so. It has the most balanced dimensions for stability and maneuverability. The colours are great too. Toddlers love them. It also helps them with their motor skills and develop their balancing whilst having fun. You can also change the handle grips when they wear off. 

     Weight: 35kg

    2. Zycom Zing 

    The Zycom Zing is the most value of money scooter in the market. It beats hyper market brand scooters in price and quality. It has great colours and lighted wheels. It comes with a long steering link and a slanted wheel set up to give more balance and stability.


     Weight: 30kg max rider weight




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