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Chaya Sapphire Roller Skate

  • Chaya Sapphire - This is no ordinary derby skate!

    The Chaya Sapphire is the perfect package for your very first upgrade or those on a tight budget who still demand high performance. The mid-cut boot features an extremely durable, responsive and lightweight composite heat moldable shell (carbon free). The flex cut shell and pain free technology paired with high end padding materials offers unparalleled fit and performance. Featuring a 45º strap with a ‘from the box fit’ means less time breaking in and more time focusing on your game. Combined with our off-set 20º Shari composite plate mounted via our unique DCM 2-point mounting system, you will feel an immediate increase in your performance at an incredible price. The Sapphire is an indestructible boot that will last you multiple seasons. This is no ordinary derby skate!


  • Boot

    Composite shell

    Pain free Technology

    Dual Center Mounting (DCM)

    Evefit last

    Low cut boot

    PU-nano leather upper

    Toe cap with abrasion resistant leather

    Padding made of Poron and EVA

    Lining made of soft touch microfibre material Waxed laces


    Shari DCM 3.0

    Nylon + Fiberglass

    Dual Center Mounting

    20° truck, Aluminium, casted

    Power toe

    Offset toe stop

    Jelly Interlock PU-Cushions, 84A

    Wheels Octo Edge 59x38mm, 92A
    Toe Stopper

    Controller stopper, Natural/synthetic rubber mix

    Long stem, flat head

  • Chaya Sizing Chart
    Skate Size Foot Length (mm)
    36 230
    37 237
    38 243
    39 250
    40 257
    41 264
    42 271
    43 274
    44 281
    45 287
    46 294
    47 301
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