Penny Longboards

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Penny Longboards

  • The Penny Longboard has arrived, a full 36″ in length and 9.5″ wide, it has pintail shape and boasts a new granular textured grip incorporated into the classic waffle non-slip deck. A half inch camber through the length of the deck works in combination with the boards natural flex, inbuilt riser pads and side-to-side concave to enhance ride-ability

    The Penny Longboard comes with 7″ wide kingpin trucks for support and 69mm wheels to ride right over rocks and other things that get in your way

    The Penny Longboard also comes in 6 other colours: Cyan, Rasta, Mint, Royal Blue, Grey and Glow in the Dark.


  • DECK 36″ in length and 9.5″ wide
    WHEELS 69mm wheels
    BEARINGS Penny ABEC 7 Bearings
    TRUCKS 7″ Wide Kingpin Trucks
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