Rollerblade Twister 110 3WD Skates

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Rollerblade Twister 110 3WD Skates

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  • The Rollerblade Twister Edge 110 3WD Skates allow you to push your limites. Maneuver crowds with the durabilty to freestyle up and over obstacles. Do it faster and with more response with 110mm wheels and anti-torsion boxes that synchronize your frames and boots together like never before. V-Cut Cuffs give great range of motion and comfort without sacrificing lateral support. The only question left is, are you ready?

    Twister Edge models use thicker liners than previous Twisters. They will break-in to mold around feet for a snug and responsive fit. Twister models has a smaller cut - Add 1cm to foot measurement when referencing size chart for a comfortable fit. Add 0.5cm for snug fit.

    Extruded Aluminum Frames ; Hydrogen 110mm 85A Wheels ; TwinCam ILQ9 Bearings


    Dual buckle closure for easy and effective tightening. Unlike conventional velcro strap, buckles grips the ankle better for high responsive skating. Standard lacing wraps the foot making it more secure.

    Twister Vented Molded Shell keeps the foot cool despite the thick shell. Anti-Torsion at the sole to give you absorb vibration. Gradual Shell Flaps Profile allows maximum tightening. Front Quarter Slide Plates to protect the boots and aluminium mounting to fasten the boot and the frame securely.

    Premium First Fit V-Cut Liner are well know for the high quality material used for extra comfort, dryness and ventilation. Active Airflow Technology from the sides and bottom to keep feet cool at all times. Integrated Shock Eraser at the heel to reduce vibration while skating.

    The Rollerblade Hydrogen Inline Skate Wheels are designed in the USA to be the quickest and best wheels made. Created with the best proven materials and method, the Hydrogen wheels are undoubtedly one of the best inline skating wheels in the market. It is a chemical mix of urethane formula, scooped cores, and integrated hubs and the optimal resilience, roll and rebound can be felt as soon as you put them on. The urethane has more traction, durability and shock absorbent qualities, while the core is carefully engineered to add suspension for more speed and control in every stride. Wheels come with serviceable TwinCam ILQ9 Bearings. Extremely smooth and because it is serviceable, it can last a long long time.

    The 3WD Urban Frame is strong and sturdy, and just 10" in length, they are as maneuverable as they are responsive. These frames are crafted from the highest quality aluminum, perfectly shaped and constructed with the lowest center of gravity in mind. Designed around the ergonomics of the wheels to provide the best stability, improved balance, reduced vibrations and maximizing the power transfer in every stride. The convenient single axle system allows for fast and simple wheel maintenance.

  • UPPER/SHELL Twister, V-Cut Cuff, Vented Molded,
    Lateral Slider
    WHEELS Hydrogen 3 x 110mm/85A. Made in USA
    BEARINGS Twincam ILQ 9 Classic Plus

    3WD Frame 110, Extruded Aluminum (Max 3 x 110mm Wheels), 255mm, Racing Axles, Laterally adjustable

    LINER Premium First Fit V-Cut Liner, Specialized footbed, Shock Absorber

    Cuff Locking Buckle, 45° Buckle, Extra Standard laces in box

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