Understand Inline Skate Frame

Skate Frame

Skate Frame

Most common are plastic frames, aluminium frames and extruded aluminium frames. Lets now decide which frame is best for you.

Aluminium Frame

  • More rigid. Allowing better power transfer from boot to wheels.
  • More durable. Metal will not bend as much under pressure and weight

Extruded Aluminium Frame

  • Extruded Frame is a reinforced one piece frame increasing rigidness for an even more powerful skate experience
  • Highly customizable

Plastic Frame

  • Lightweight
  • Plastic bends more, thus under weight, it keeps the user lower to the ground
  • Easier to control since the power transfer is lower

Below is a generic chart to help you decide base on the user's characteristics:

 Plastic Extruded Aluminium Aluminium
  • Beginners
  • Kids
  • Below 70kg
  • Low usage
  • Skaters who want the best
  • High speed skating
  • Urban Skating
  • Above 75kg
  • Fitness skating
  • Regular usage

Difference between Hard and Soft Boots

Skate Boot

Boot Only

Usually classified under 2 main types, Hard and Soft. Both have their pros and cons. Lets take a more in depth look at these properties.

Hard Boot Benefits:

  • Heavier boots keeps your centre of gravity low, thus increasing stability and balance
  • Helps you to stand straighter by offering better support on the ankles
  • Protects your foot against hard surfaces
  • Liner cushion is very thick for comfort and increased responsiveness
  • Extremely durable

Soft Boot Benefits

  • Lighter boots allow you to speed and skate longer distances
  • Comfortable like wearing a pair of sneakers
  • Breathable to keep your feet cool
  • Works well with laces to give you a compressed fit

Hard Boot Drawbacks

  • Heavier boots requires more effort from users
  • Less comfort due to hardness of the boot

Soft Boot Drawbacks

  • Lighter boots makes it harder to balance
  • Less support on the ankles may cause pronation or supination 

Below is a chart to help you decide on what boot choice to make base on your skating activity

 Soft Boot Hard Boot
  • skating on long and flat road
  • skating long distances
  • long skating sessions
  • speed skating
  • urban skating
  • doing tricks and jumps
  • aggressive slides and maneuvers
  • Slalom

Understanding Inline Skate Wheels

Skate Wheels

Inline skating wheels usually have 2 description: (mm) which is the diameter of the wheels and (a) which is the hardness of the wheel.

Big vs Small Wheels

Big wheels give you higher speed and better comfort when skating. However, it also requires more balance because it keeps you higher off the ground. Also, to hold larger wheels, the frame becomes longer, reducing maneuverability.

Small wheels give you better balance and it make turning easier. It is helpful when learning new tricks. However it significantly reduces the speed and users have to skate harder to cover distances.

Hard vs Soft

Hard wheels are extremely durable and it helps with speed. It is also good for tricks and slides. However, harder wheels also cause more vibration when you skate and it reduces traction. 

Soft wheels are very comfortable to skate on and gives you better traction. However, the rubber on the wheels wears off quickly and the rubber gets compressed, slowing down the skates.

Choosing Inline Skates for Beginners

If you are a beginner looking to buy an inline skates, here are the parts of the skates you need to look out for:

Frame - The frame will take the bulk of your weight. So getting a frame that is not strong enough will cause pronation and supination. 

For user weight below 70kg, plastic frame is good enough to start learning how to skate. For user weight above 70kg we recommend metal frame.

Shell -  The shell usually comes in two types. Soft and Hard. Soft shell is more comfortable but less supportive for the ankles and Hard shell is more supportive but less comfortable.

For users who are totally new and never done any type of similar sport, go for a hard boot because it helps you stand straighter and balance better. Those with experience in ski-ing, ice skating or any similar type sport can consider the soft boot for more comfort

Wheels - The size of the wheels matters. Smaller wheels keep you lower to the ground for better balance and bigger wheels allow you to roll fast and longer. The best is to get a good balance.

For user height from 150 - 175cm, go for 80mm wheels. For user height above 175cm, go for 90mm wheels.

Brake - Brakes are important because it helps you to slow down easily. Brakes also help to prevent users from falling backwards. For skates that don't have brakes included, you can buy them seperately.

Cuff -  Most cuffs are hard plastic. Lower cuffs give you more flex and higher cuffs gives you more support. So for beginners, we recommend higher cuffs for the extra ankle supports.

Liner - Liners are either removable or integrated. Liners control your level of comfort. Although this is not applicable for beginners choosing a pair of skates, it will be when you choose to advance.

Top Strap - The top strap is there to make sure your feet and ankles don't move inside the liner and shell. For beginners, we recommend buckle strap. Velcro straps is uncommon but we will not recommend beginners if he/she happens to see one.

Mid Strap - Mid strap usually comes in velcro or buckle type. They are there to prevent supination and pronation. For users above 70kg, we highly recommend buckle type mid strap. 

To see a list of beginner skates for men. Please see here.

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Roller Blade Malaysia

Roller Blade Malaysia

Inlinex is proud to serve the skating community in Malaysia. We offer unbeatable prices for most branded inline skates including Rollerblade, Powerslide, K2, Seba, FR and many more.

We have to date ship more than 500 skates to Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur and we hope to continue increasing the number. 


FAQ about shipping to Malaysia

Q: How long does it take to ship to Malaysia?

A: We use Fedex and will usually take around 3 working days

Q: How much does it cost to ship to Malaysia?

A: For a pair of skates, it usually cost around RM120.

Q: What if I bought the wrong size?

A: We do have a 60 day return policy. Please read more here.

Q: What if I do not receive my skates in 3 working days

A: After purchase, we will send you a tracking link which you can then contact your local Fedex office and check with them.

Q: Are your skates authentic?

A: We are the appointed distributor for most skates. Rest assured that you are only buying the real stuff.

Q: I see skates from China selling at half the price.

A: If you notice carefully, there are subtle cosmetic differences. Also, be sure to compare the parts that you are buying. The skates we sell will be exactly the same as what top skate shops in the world and what the brand owners advertise on their websites.

Q: I have questions that are not here. 

A: Feel free to contact us by clicking the Whatsapp Icon at the bottom left of the screen. Our friendly staff will attend to you.

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