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Inline Skate Wheels for freestyle, recreational, speed and fitness skating

Wheels are just as important as skates themselves when it comes to boosting performance.

We've brought in a variety of the best wheels out there: all made-in-USA and major brands like Rollerblade, Matter, and Hyper. These are some of our highlights: Rollerblade Hydrogen 80mm, Rollerblade Supreme, Rollerblade Hydrogen 100mmand Matter Inline Skate Wheels.

Rollerblade® Freestyle Skates (2015)

The latest and greatest from Rollerblade® have just arrived! And the best part is, they are all on sale. Every. Single. One. The Rollerblade Maxxum 100 Urban Inline Skates are the ultimate hybrid of urban skates, while the Rollerblade Twister LE Urban Inline Skates for 2015 exceed the demands of urban inline skating. A limited release (only 200 released) in the red and white shell, the Twister LE feature all the great design capabilities from the standard Twister skate models,
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