Three wheel skates VS Four wheel Skates

Three wheel skates VS Four wheel Skates

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Are more wheels always better? What are the difference between a three wheel and a four wheel skate?

Before you even consider on which skate to get, its important to know what kind of skating you are into. Since the base of your foundation would keep you going for a long time. This would help to eliminate other unwanted options saving your time on money in the long run. 

Well, there's are a both pros and cons in a three wheel and a four wheel skate. 


The Three wheel Skate

The three wheel skate is a skate that is mean for speeding. With its wheel size ranging from 100mm and above, it gives you a long stretch with every glide. If you are into speed skating, we will suggest that you make this skate your option. 

However with advantages, there comes a disadvantage. After all, we can't be convinced of something without weighing two sides of a coin. Pricing is a high factor you need to be aware when considering a tri-wheel skate. Since larger wheels are definitely more costly and the learning curve to mastering a tri-wheel skate would be longer. 



Faster lift off

Much higher speeds than a four wheel skate 



more costly than a four wheel skate as larger wheels are more expensive. 

Harder to learn.

Less stable than a four wheel set up. 



The Four Wheel Skate



The four wheel skate is the most common inline skate setup. There are many types of four-wheel skate depending whether you are into aggressive skating or recreational ones. Many people would purchase the four-wheel skate for its stability and its flexibility of having different skate setups. With a better weight disbursement, its easy to learn and you can improve quickly overtime. 

Unlike the three-wheel skate, the four wheel do come with some potential disadvantage as well. The four wheel skate system does not give an a smooth lift off, although it will give higher speeds than the three wheel skate. Additionally, maintaining high speeds on the four wheel skate is not easy as you need more strength for each lift off. 


Good stability

better weight disbursement.

excellent for aggressive skating

Good for freestyle and Slalom Skating


Not as fast as the tri-wheel skate. 

cannot fit bigger than 100mm on most skates dependent on the wheel size.


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  • this opinion is very outdated for the individual to write by saying that the four wheels can go more than 100 mm clearly they can. And he is clearly wrong about him saying that the three wheels are much more faster on the maximum speed compared to the four if that was the case then the world record Sandro Bovo would have used three wheels instead of 5 the more Wheels the better when it comes to maximum speed.
    Juan Silva on
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