Trade in your used Decathlon Skates

Trade in your used Decathlon Skates

Posted by Adam Choong on

Trade in your Decathlon Skates

Start Rolling Better and Faster

Decathlon is a great place to buy cheap inline skates that are of relatively good quality. Many buying skates for the first time will try out the sport with a pair of skates from Decathlon. 

Your Appetite for Speed will Increase

After skating a while on your Decathlon skates, you will start to realize its limitations. The most glaring problem is the roll time on the skates. Skaters on the road are swooshing past you with minimal effort. You try your very best to skate faster but no matter how hard you push, the skater in front of you just keeps getting further away.

You Need More Ankle Support

Trying to skate faster also reveals another glaring problem. Your feet in the skates keep slipping towards the outer sides. You always feel like the skates are caving outwards. This is evident when you are learning new tricks that your friends are working on too. 

You keep hearing Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade

When your friends or instructors are telling you to upgrade your skates, maybe it is really time you heed their advice. Bring your decathlon skates and we will accept trade in at fixed prices regardless of condition. See the Price List:


PLAY 3 - $10

PLAY 5 - $15

FIT 3 - $20

FIT 5 - $25


FIT 3 - $20

FIT 100 - $25

FIT 500 - $30

MF 500 - $40

FREERIDE 3 - $25

*Amended 29 Jan 2020

I want to upgrade my Decathlon Skates but it's not on the list

Just send us an image of the skates you have on hand and we will advise you on the price. You can send them via WhatsApp to +658123 3425

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