Powerslide R4 Trinity Racing Skates
Powerslide R4 Trinity Racing Skates

Powerslide R4 Trinity Racing Skates

  • This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

    Powerslide R4 Trinity Skates are entry-level speed skates that get you one step closer to a true low-cut speed boot. The cuff is just high enough to add a velcro strap for stability. Much lower than the R6 Marathon, but higher than the R2. The added range of motion helps to devlop the muscles and confidence needed to skate high-speed with high-end features.

    R-Series models use composite fiberglass reinforced shells with ultra-light magnesium trinity frames. A softer boot than carbon fiber, but more comfortable as well. Light magnesium frames reduce fatigue on long skates. At just 12.5", they maintain good agility while also benefiting from the stability and power of trinity mounting. Out of box 3x110, but upgradeable to 125mm.

    Magnesium Frames ; Infinity 110mm 85A ; Wicked ABEC7 Bearings

    No Brake - Compatible with Powerslide HABS Brake SM/MD



    Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Composite Fiber Shell

    More Breathable, Flexible and Comfortable than Carbon

    Unimold Construction - No Removable Liner nor Footbed

    Soft Cuff for Comfort

    PU Nanoleather Upper

    Anatomical Padding in Ankle and Tendon Area

    Trinity Mounting

    WHEELS Powerslide Infinity High Rebound 110mm 85A Wheels
    BEARINGS Wicked ABEC7 Bearings

    Powerslide Elite Magnesium Frames

    Max 125mm


    Incredibly Light

    Trinity Mounting

    One-Sided 8mm M7 Torx Head Axle (Tool Included)

    Vertical Adjustment Capability


    Standard Laces

    Velcro Top Strap

    Cuff Buckle

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