Bones Reds Bearings

Bones Reds Bearings

  • $ 49.00 SGD
  • Save $ 19.00 SGD

Bones REDS are the most value for money bearings you can buy.They were developed to be an affordable alternative to Bones Swiss inline bearings. Bones quality at a very very good price. Comes in a pack of 8.

  • Optimized bearing for skating
  • Bones REDS have very low friction, are made from the same fine materials with the same specification as Bones Swiss. The Bones Reds are just more affordable because they are manufactured in China.
  • High speed precision molded nylon bearing retainer
  • Single rubber shield for easier access to balls and reduces weight
  • Retainer and shield are removable to allow for better cleaning
  • Polished Chromium steel balls and races
  • Specially formulated Speed Cream™ for superior lubrication


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