Bones Swiss Skate Bearings

Bones Swiss Skate Bearings

The Bones Swiss Skate Bearings has been in the market since 1983 and has since secured its place at the top the bearings category.It is by far the fastest, smoothest and most durable high quality bearing in the market. The choice of professional and speed skaters, the Bones Swiss has become a standard to which all inline skate bearings are measured. Bones Swiss have earned their name through years of proven, dependable performance from the best skaters in the world.

  • Contains 8 Bearings or 16 Bearings
  • Best used for skateboards and Inline Skates
  • Improved tolerances and clearances to allow the bearing to take heavy pressure and weight.
  • High speed precision molded plastic bearing retainer 
  • Single rubber shield for easier access to balls for maintenace
  • Polished Chromium steel balls and races
  • Specially formulated Speed Cream™ for superior lubrication and to protect against dirt
  • More precise than industrial rated bearings



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