Chaya Ruby Roller Skate

Chaya Ruby Roller Skate

  • $ 259.00 SGD
  • Save $ 40.00 SGD

  • Chaya Ruby – the most ‘derby ready’ beginner package on the market

    The Chaya Ruby skate is the most ‘derby ready’ beginner package on the market. This low cut yet supportive boot offers both increased comfort and performance thanks to the new designed outer sole. Made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFK) and including a torsion bar - a bridge to help combat improper flexing it provides crucial stiffness to the bottom of your skates. The stylish design gives the Ruby a high-end look and this skate offers much more than you would expect for the price. Our fiberglass reinforced Shari plate offers unique features like the offset Chaya Controller stopper, the Power Toe System (PTS) for a better power transfer as well as Jelly Interlock Cushions which guarantees perfect handling. Derby specific OCTO Propel 59mmx38mm / 92A PU-wheels and WICKED ABEC 7 freespin bearings means no immediate upgrades are needed with this package, you have it all from the very beginning!


  • Boot

    Composite material


    Low cut boot

    Superior comfort

    High quality interior padding

    Speed strap


    Shari Plate

    Nylon + Fiberglass

    Dual Center Mounting ready

    20° truck, aluminium, casted

    Power toe

    Offset toe stop

    Jelly Interlock PU-Cushions, 84A


    Ruby hard (black boot): hard wheel, high performance Octo Edge 59x38mm, 92a

    Ruby soft (white boot): soft wheels for a smooth ride Octo Paseo 62x38mm, 78a

    Toe Stopper

    Controller stopper

    Natural/synthetic rubber mix

    Long stem, flat head

  • Chaya Sizing Chart
    Skate Size Foot Length (mm)
    36 230
    37 237
    38 243
    39 250
    40 257
    41 264
    42 271
    43 274
    44 281
    45 287
    46 294
    47 301

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