Ennui Elite Skate Helmet

Ennui Elite Skate Helmet

  • All purpose pro helmet for all extreme sports. 30% lighter than your average helmet

    ENNUI was always at the forefront of helmet development. The first lines were showcasing added on visors, caps and other stylish parts where the rest of the industry followed.It was always the aim for ENNUI to make a truly unique helmet, low in volume, perfect in protection, superior in fit and amazing in design.After almost 3 years of development now it is time to present the new ENNUI Elite helmet, manufactured in new process know as overinjected honeycomb skeleton. All other helmets are made out of EPS foam injected in moulds or separated parts and than glued together with an ABS or PVC shell. This helmet is first a plastic honeycomb structure injection in the best shock absorbing plastic and than additionally overinjected with EPS. Like this the wall thickness and weight could be reduce drastically so the look and fit will also improve. It is the lightest and lowest volume helmet on the market and the best performing one.Sleek, light weight, revolutionary. Available it multiple colors and cool designs, it is meant to become the new flagship product of ENNUI and putting it at the forefront of the protective gear industry.


  • WEIGHT 245g
    VENTS 12 Round

    Dial Adjustable FIT System

    Honey comb EPS

    Dual In-mold with PVC Shell

    Sealed pads

    injected impacted shell

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