GAWDS Paul John 57mm Wheels
GAWDS Paul John 57mm Wheels

GAWDS Paul John 57mm Wheels

Gawds Paul John Pro Wheels 57mm 88A. Paul John has been with Gawds for a while, and he again has the 57mm 88A wheel with a flat (13mm) profile that gives stability and strength at pushoff when park or street skating.

GAWDS wheels are high-end aggressive wheels that are not cheap, cause they are perhaps the best. Poured in the USA with a hard Tribune PU Core that interlocks and bonds with the outside PU for incredible rebound, durability, reliabiilty and speed.

Price is for a 4-Pack

Size: 57mm

Type: Aggressive

Hardness: 88A

Hub: Standard 608 Tribune Core

Profile: Flat (13mm)

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