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Micro Mini Deluxe Kids Scooter

  • Surfing the sidewalk – the Mini Micro was elected Toy of the Year by kids and parents several times! This sports toy not only encourages movement and exercise, it also helps children to learn balance, co-ordination and motor skills.It was specially developed for toddlers and preschoolers, in collaboration with Swiss medical professionals.The T-tube handle makes it even safer and has a safety lock so that only parents can remove it, when needed, for storing. The Mini Micro‘s unique lean-and-steer mechanism is patented and the deck is reinforced with fibreglass. The soft plastic and rounded edges make it easier for younger children to handle and helps avoid injuries.The high-quality brake has a steel spring insert and doesn‘t heat up while breaking. Now available as DELUXE version!

    Non-Toxic Handgrips

    Our handgrips consist exclusively of non-toxic components.


    Fiberglass Deck

    Solid deck out of fiberglass. On top of the deck there is an added pattern for more grip.


    Plastic Handlebar Guide

    The special handlebar guide facilitates simple, smooth adjustment of the handlebar, preventing rubbing and aluminium seizing.

    Height-adjustable Bar

    With the Mini Deluxe, the height of the bar is easy adjustable.This guarantees a comfortable driving position for everyone.

    Patented Weight Transfer Steering

    Patented lean-and-steer Kickboard mechanism. Encourages balance and motorskills.


  • AGE 2-5 years
    STEM Adjustable 49-67cm
    WHEEL DIAMETER 120/85mm PU
    DECK SIZE L30cm x W11cm
    MATERIAL Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP)
    BEARINGS Precision

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