Rollerblade 3WD 110 Frame
Rollerblade 3WD 110 Frame

Rollerblade 3WD 110 Frame

The 3WD 110 Frame is designed for upgrading 4-wheel Metroblade, Twister Edge/Maxxum Edge and RB urban skates to 3x110mm wheel set-up for less vibration and advanced maneuverability. Included: (2) 10”/255mm extruded aluminum frames with 165mm frame mounting holes, (6) racing axles, (4) boot screws, and a 4mm Allen Key.


3WD - Larger wheels and less vibration, with increased maneuverability and longevity, ideal for upgrading Twister Edge, RB and Metroblade skates with 4-wheel set-ups

10”/255mm EXTRUDED ALUMINUM - Power transfer and stability, with 165mm mounting points

INCLUDES ALL MOUNTING HARDWARE - including (6) racing axles, and mounting hardware

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