Cheapest way to Ship from Singapore to USA by Air

Inlinex has kind of diversified its business to helping people ship overseas. We have so many people requesting for USA shipping and complaining that it is so expensive. Before I continue with my article, I like to remind shippers that shipping from USA to Singapore is 30% cheaper than shipping from Singapore to USA. 

Inlinex is offering unbeatable rates from Singapore to USA. We use Fedex International Economy for all our USA shipments and will usually take around 4-6 working days. We are offering more than 50% cheaper than if you book directly via Fedex platform. 

 Weight Estimated Rate
1kg $42 
2kg $62
3kg $79
4kg $98
5kg $117
6kg $122
7kg $133
8kg $144
9kg $154
10kg $165


Chargeable weight is the heavier of the actual weight and the dimension weight. To calculate dimension weight, take the height x width x length divide by 5000. 

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