Inline Skate Brands

Doop Inline Skates

Doop inline skates are specially designed as commuter skates. Thanks to their unique & patented technology, step-in Doop skates are customizable to your shoe size, allowing you the comfort & convenience of your own shoes while you skate. The high quality hardware is perfectly designed to be suited for both women & men, beginners & experienced riders alike. 

FR Skates

FR Logo

FR is a skater owned brand with the philosophy to create high-quality products made by skaters, for skaters. The original concept was born in Paris, France back in 2006 by Sebastien Laffargue and Gregoire Pinto, who had a vision of what Freeride skates should be - high performance hardshell boots providing comfort, versatility and durability. With all of these elements combined, extreme attention to details and a little bit of French style, the FR boot was born and it has grown to become a worldwide success. 

Flying Eagle

Flying Eagle Inline Skates

Flying Eagle brand inline skates are best known for the extremely competitive prices. The quality of the product is that of its competitors making hardboot inline skates. FE also boast high-end pro-level inline skates. FE is one of the leading brands in China and have been for the past decade. 

Micro Skates

Micro Skates are high quality skates spun off from their popular line of scooters. They are a swiss brand and we all know the quality of products coming out of swiss manufacturers. 


Powerslide Logo

Powerslide was founded in 1994 with only one thing in mind: high quality products for all types of skating. No matter if TRISKATING, FITNESS SKATING, SPEED SKATING, AGGRESSIVE INLINE, POWER SKATING, URBAN SKATING, OFF-ROAD SKATING, Powerslide covers all discipline.  



Rollerblade is the market leader for inline skates for adults and kids. They have been making top quality skates that are often copied but not replicated. Rollerblade also manufactures top quality peripheral skating accessories that are also available exclusively in our shop. Here at Inlinex, we are proud to distribute Rollerblade and have it in our range of quality products in our line. On top of that, unlike most other shops, our Rollerblade prices are globally competitive. Meaning you will most likely buy it cheaper from us than shipping in from the states. Hang around and start shopping, you can also visit our shops to try and test out the skates.


Seba is a skater's owned brand. The Seba Brand philosophy is to create high quality skates, made by skaters for skaters. It is also, and has always been the development of skating by all means, as a sport, a hobby or even an art. Our products are tested and improved in real skating situations by the best skaters. SEBA is also supporting skaters and events all over the world and is proud sponsors of the World Slalom Series and World Skate Cross Series. Seen as a young innovative brand when the first SEBA skates came out in Freestyle/ Freeride market and our innovations set the trends of the inline skating industry.


2017 is the 20th anniversary of USD Skates and we are celebrating it big time. This year, we are relaunching the USD VII skate with a reworked soulplate, improving rigidity and stability. The USD VII is an affordable, comfortable and reliable hardboot skate, gaining popularity year after year. A great proof for this is world champion Roman Abrate choosing the VII skate as his first upcoming USD pro skate.

Targeted originally at beginners and entry level skaters, the USD Sway skate proves to be a much better skate than people thought at first sight. With a slim fitting shell and the high cuff, it provides a great balance between flex and support. Paired with the perfectly designed soulplate, Sway skates have become the skate of choice amongst both beginners and pro riders, including Roman Abrate and Montre Livingston.


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