PRO-TEC Helmet Technology



Hardshell construction utilizes a durable, high-density, injection- molded ABS shell, ideal for an aggressive riding style.

*Featured in Pro-tec’s Classic, Ace, B2, & Shovelhead 2 helmets 


HDPE is made up of a form-fitting, high-density polyethylene shell, L with flexibility to fit a broader range of head shapes. HDPE shells accompany our 2-stage soft foam liners, not certified to ASTM, CPSC, or CE Safety Standards.

*Featured in Pro-tec’s Bucky Classic & Classic Full Cut Skate



Surface-Activated Expanded Polypropylene

A patented multi-impact EPP helmet technology that is ideal for the aggressive riding sytle of action sports athletes looking for maximum protection.

Rebound Properties

When EPS helmets take a hard hit, the foam liner compresses and stays compressed, losing most of its impact-absorbing properties.

Our multi-impact SXP Technology uses a patented formulato provide multiple impact protection while maintaining the lightweight and low-profile qualities our customer demands.

Because multi-impact SXP has built-in rebound properties, once the helmet liner has been compressed, multi-impact SXP memory kicks in and the liner returns to its original shape, maintaining its impact-absorbing qualities.


  • Patented multi-impact material that is ideal for an aggressive riding style
  • Built-in rebound control
  • ASTM 1492/1447, CPSC 1203, CE 1078 certified

*Featured in Pro-tec’s Ace & B2 helmets


  • Low-profile and lightweight, EPS foam liners are the industry standard for action sports
  • EPS liners are not multi-impact, but they do meet all required ASTM / CE / CPSC standards

*Featured in Pro-tec’s Classic/Street, Cyphon SL, Riot Street & Shovelhead 2 helmets


  • Low-profile and lightweight for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Doesn’t meet certification standards for action sports helmets
  • Transition from soft to hard, away from your head, out toward the hard shell of the helmet

*Featured in Pro-tec's Classic Skate, Classic Bucky, Classic Full Cut & Ace skate helmets


  • Dri-Lex® provides a balance of added comfort and moisture management, keeping dripping sweat and moisture away from your face

*Featured in Pro-tec’s Classic Skate Plus collaborations, Bucky Classic Plus & B2 skate helmets. Aftermarket kits are also available for separate purchase.



Dri-Lex® is mastery over perspiration, and it comes from its hydrophobic (moisture-hating) polyester and hydrophilic (moisture-loving) nylon. This combination creates a Two-Zone Comfort Lining®, resulting in a push- pull effect that pulls perspiration off the skin and deploys it to the outer layer to rapidly dry.

Dri-Lex® is non-wrinkling, breathable, resistant to odor and mildew, and quick-drying.

*Featured in Pro-tec’s Commander & Kensington snow helmets, and IPS Lo Pro 3⁄4 Hip Pads




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