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Scooter Rental


In Singapore, scooters are very convenient for mid-range distances. Riding is extremely easy and intuitive, anyone can get the hang of it within 10–15 minutes. If you can already ride a bicycle, learning how to scoot will be a walk in the park.

Two-wheeled kick scooters — These kick scooters are portable, very compact, and relatively lightweight. It is much easier to transport from place to place than a bicycle, for example. If it is a f olding model, it occupies about as much space as your arm’s length. Even if it cannot be folded, it takes up relatively minimal space. 

Scooters are great for passing through crowded areas where space is limited, and for general cruising too, as they can reach decent speeds.

So, kick scooters are not only fun, but also incredibly useful for getting around in the city and staying fit. If you feel like making a good investment, try out a kick scooter.


E-Scooter$26.75 (6 hours); $42.80 (24 hours with a charger)

Additional Charges:

1 hour or part thereof


More than 1 hour

Full Day Rental ($42.80)


$10 - $1000




We have a limited number of electric scooters. Please book at least one day in advance by calling 6858 2887, so that we can ensure the electric scooters are charged up and ready for you.

Kick Scooter$32.10 (24 hours)

Additional Charges:

1 hour or part thereof


More than 1 hour

Full Day rental ($30.00)


$10 - $50




Collection/ Return Location:  201 Henderson Road #07-05 Singapore 159545

Daily collection/rental time* : 12 pm – 8pm (weekdays), 10am – 8pm (weekends)

                                                  12 pm – 8pm  (weekdays), 10am – 8pm (weekends)

Things to bring: Photocopy of Passport or Identity Card


Contact: 6858 2887 / 8123 3425

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