Skate Fitness Club

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Join INLINEX sponsored Skate Fitness Club  ( SFC Club) today Free of Charge! SSC Club aims to form an interest group to bring together people who like Inline Skating to be part of their fitness regime. Our goal is to help our group members lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle using Inline Skating. Also through this club, we hope to help people meet more like-minded friends to motivate each other to keep fit. SFClub knows that Gym membership is expensive, running is impact-ful on the joints and cycling is just a hassle as you cannot bring your bikes to work. Therefore SFC Club invites people who find it increasingly difficult to find time to work out whilst having fun!

Why Inline Skating?

  1. Skating is low-impact on your joints.

    Running enthusiasts, gymnastics lovers, and more know all to well the impact that many cardio workouts can put on your knees and the damage that it can do. Skating provides you with fluid motion that keeps you from damaging your joints, helping you enjoy movement similar to running to or dancing without the harsh impact.

  2. Skating involves a wide variety of muscle groups.

    Summer is here and every where you look there seems to be a tip on how to look great at the beach. Skating works legs and glutes as you power through movement, while your arms and core get a workout as you balance your body during the movement.

  3. Skating burns just as many calories as other aerobic exercises.

    As you glide across the rink at Gardens By The Bay East, you may not realize just how many calories you’re burning because of all of the fun you’re having. Music, friends, fluid motion, and more make skating seem more like relaxing than working out, but you can still burn triple digit calories easily with a few laps around the floor.


  • Members have to own their own pair of skates, gears and helmet that MUST be worn while skating.
  • Members must have basic skating skills.
  • Members must be 18 years and above.
  • Members must LIKE our Facebook Page.



Workout Wednesday

Day/Time: Every Wed 8.00pm

Location: Inlinex, The Riverwalk Singapore 058416 , 20 Upper Circular Road #01-16 ( Meeting Point)



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