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21st Scooter Big Kid

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  • The 21st Scooter Big Kid is ideal for children between the ages of  6 to 12 years. Weighing only 2.5kg, it is able to hold a total weight of 50kg. It's cool and sporty design is available in black, blue, green, orange, pink and red. The scooters also come with light wheels that turn on when you scoot !

  • Age

    6 – 12 year old

    Max. Rider Weight

    50 kg

    Scooter Dimensions

    930mm (H) X 130mm (W) X 330mm (L)

    Wheel Material

    Polyurethane 87 Shore A

    Wheel Diameter

    120mm/ 80mm

    Handle Bar Height

    67cm – 93cm



    Product Weight

    2.5 kg


    6 Months

    Special Features

    • Aid in learning balancing, co-ordination and motor skills
    • Lightweight
    • “Lean-and-Steer” mechanism
    • Adjustable Height