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21st Scooter PreSchool

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  • The 21st Scooter PreSchool is ideal for children between the ages of  3 to 5 years. Weighing only 1.5kg, it is able to hold a total weight of 20kg. It's cool and sporty design is available in blue, green, orange and pink. The scooters also come with light wheels that turn on when you scoot !

  • Age

    3 – 5 year old

    Max. Rider Weight

    20 kg

    Scooter Dimensions

    670mm (H) X 120mm (W) X 550mm (L)

    Wheel Material

    Polyurethane 78 Shore A

    Wheel Diameter

    120mm/ 80mm

    Handle Bar Height




    Product Weight

    1.5 kg


    6 Months

    Special Features

    • Aid in learning balancing, co-ordination and motor skills
    • Lightweight
    • “Lean-and-Steer” mechanism